Pappillon 30 or Ribera MM

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  1. Greetings all! I'm a newbie needing your help. Yesterday I went to the LV at Macys in Garden city to purchase the Pappillon 30. I tried it on and I loved it up until the point I went to the register and noticed another customer purchasing the Ribera MM. It was beautiful! I did not want to tell the SA that I changed my mind so I just went on my merry way and went home. Now I am so confused because I keep dreaming about that bag. I currently have a Mono Speedy 30 and wanted to get a Damier style as a second bag. Should I Exchange my pappillon for the ribera? Does anyone have a preference over the other? Please help! :sad:
  2. Trust your gut feelings and love at first sight- get the Ribera MM.
    I was just like you! I was saving up for the Damier Papillon 30 and one fine day I took a train home from town and saw a gorgeous classy lady carrying the Ribera MM and oozed such charm and understated class and I ended up buying Ribera MM instead.

    I never regretted my choice and I receive compliments whenever I carry it.
    I love her so soo much!
    Here's a pic for you :flowers:
  3. Thank you Gelare. That bag looks good you ! I want that classy look as well and want to gear away from the Damier Speedy 30 since everyone out here has that bag. Thank you and I made up my mind I will exchange it. I just wanted a bag that I could put on my shoulders.. I guess I will keep looking for that right shoulder bag. Thanks again!
  4. Ribera MM, I would also recomend the large suitcase style Ribera, its very pretty. :smile:
  5. Aww, I think you should keep the Papillon 30:crybaby:. The Ribera is very pretty, though!

    Side Note: I LOVE Roosevelt Field! Haven't had a chance to go inside the new LV section, but I passed it while hurrying through Macy's and it looked lovely! Did you have a good experience there? You should go to the LV at the Americana Manhasset sometime, it's really nice there (bought the 3 LV items I own from that boutique):smile:
  6. I like the papillon. I think you should keep it!
  7. I like the Ribera MM best
  8. Since you already have a Speedy, you should get the Pappillon as the Ribera looks similar to your Speedy. The Pappillon is a shoulder bag as well so you can have a hand held and a shoulder bag.

  9. I work right by the Americana Manhasset, but since yesterday was a weekend and I live near the mall, I just drove to Macys. The experience was OK.. I felt kinda rushed into making up my mind. :sweatdrop: Next time I will go to Americana Manhasset.

    So I went to the mall today to exchange the bag and the SA said it makes no sense to get the Ribera since it looks like the Speedy 30 for half the price so I kept the Pappillon!

    Thanks guys for your help!!!!! I love this site.
  10. Great choice! They are actually both really nice bags!
  11. oh Congrats on your decision though! Enjoy your bag :tup:
  12. I'm partial to the Papillon too, mostly because the Damier Papillon 26 was my first LV :love: The 30 is a beautiful, classic style. I would keep it, but that's JMO.
  13. So glad you kept it, the papillon will be a classic forever!!!!!!!!! and EVER!!!! I have the 30 in monogram and love it!!!
  14. How do you all feel about the Beverly GM?I just love this bag,it's sold out at the moment but I have to get that bag.I like the Ribera MM it's a very sophisticated bag.
  15. Ribera MM :love: