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  1. Im confused. is the bag on the 30 bigger or is it the straps that are longer. I have a mono pap 26 and the bag itself carries a lot. I mean its the perfect size purse but is the 30 bigger or is the straps longer or both or what??
  2. both. papillon 26 is 26cm in length. 30 is 30cm in length. straps are slightly longer, as well.
  3. oh ok. My purse carries everything. Its a big purse to me. I have the 26. i think you answered my question though. I love my lv bag but i just wanted to know the difference between the papillon 26 and 30
  4. Latinamodel - i'm still trying to decide between the 26 and 30. Do you mind me asking how tall you are? I've seen pics of the bag on TPFers but they were the 30, but i remember you posted a pic with your 26... What all do you carry in the Pap? i would have my wallet, phone, check book, keys, sunglasses in their case, lipsticks, powder and LV small agenda. Would all that fit in there?
  5. im only about 5'2" but i wear heals a lot lol. I have in my papillon 26; two chapsticks, two lipglosses, a powder compact, and blush compact, two mascaras, 3 eyeliners (with the lids on lol) two small containers of glitter, two small pots of hand cream (burts bees) one tube of concealer and a tube of face cream, four eyeshadows, one container of powder foundation and my wallet.
  6. It's bigger both in size and handle length.
  7. ^^ Didnt know that!