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  1. Does anyone have a Papillon? My mom has been thinking of getting one and I was wondering how good of pet they are. They sure are cute. :love:
  2. Paps are wonderful little dogs,I had a male and female.They are fun loving,easy to train and quite affectionate breed.Your mom could never go wrong with this breed.Happy pap hunting!:smile:
  3. I had one. He died a really horrible, fluke death in February. His collar got caught under my mothers Coach and he choked to death. It was awful - the worst thing I've ever experienced. I will never own another papillon again. His name was Ozzy - and I still have nightmares of trying to cut his collar off but it was imbedded so deeply in his neck from being caught in the spring we couldn't find it. He choked to death in front of me. It was the worst thing I think I've ever experienced visually.
  4. I have 6 papillons that I train for the breed, obedience and agility rings, and bred my first litter this past winter. They are wonderful little dogs, but I need to point out the negatives-- many are extremely difficult to housebreak and they can be very very active, and this combined with their high level of intelligence can be a bad thing if they are not challenged mentally and physicially. They require as much exercise as a large dog (although it is easier since you can get them their exercise via games you can play in the house and yard or by walking-- they don't need fields to run in necessarily) and they must have obedience training. They do shed, and they do bark. Other than that, they are wonderful. I wouldn't have any other breed.
  5. Thanks for all the info guys. :flowers: I told my mom and she still wants one and says she'll think about getting one in like March-May when the weather starts to get nice. I'm sorry about your pap, Livin. :flowers: