Papillon with a Side Pocket?!

  1. So I saw one of my friends today, and she was carrying a Papillon, in the larger size (30) and it had a small pocket on the side! :blink: I have never seen this before, or maybe I just never noticed it. Everything else with the bag checked out, and this girl is not one to carry a fake, so Im confused :huh: LOL...any ideas, girls??
  2. fake
  3. I think the epi papillons had a side pocket.. is hers epi leather?
  4. Where did she get it?
  5. It was in the monogram canvas, Im starting to believe its a disapointed for her lol :sad:
  6. Then it's definitely a fake :cry:
  7. It's a fake if she was carrying the mono pap. I think only the vernis bedford has a side pocket?
  8. Thanks girls :heart: ..I still cant believe she would carry a know, it doesnt add up :blink:
    Thanks again
  9. Too bad it's your friend carrying it, and not some snooty girl who likes to rub her LV in your face. I think I would enjoy embarrassing a snooty mean girl by publicly announcing she's carrying fake LV. Does that make me evil? :shame:
  10. Nope! She brought that bad karma on herself, lol :shame: :biggrin:

    Theres always the possibility she didnt know! Maybe she got it off eBay or a friend sold it to her assuring her it was real.
  11. I have seen this bag carried by some women. def a fake!
  12. When It Was Made They Were Thinking Of The Bedford....Fake Bedford Reject?
  13. It's a def FAKE, i've only seen the Vernis Bedford ones with a lil side pocket. Give her a *funny* look next time she carries it, it'll instantly tell her that you KNOW that it's a fake! muhahahaha lol...I"m so bad lol
  14. I managed to get a small pic of it...i guess i dont want to believe that she carries a fake...she was the one who introduced me to designer bags :sad:

    EDIT: sorry the pic is soo small, its the only one i could find!
  15. OMG! That is SO awful!