papillon vs tikal? help me decide!

  1. i'm debating on whether to get a papillon (26 or 30 - I want a bag that's not going to look silly on my tiny body, i'm 5'3" and 120 lbs but I don't want it to bulge out because I carry a lot of crap) OR....a tikal gm...Will that bag be too bulky if I put sunnies, my wallet, some lipgloss, etc in there?

  2. pap :biggrin:
  3. Pap 30! It's gorgeous, roomy, and you get the cute little mini pap!
  4. tikal :smile:
  5. Tikal!
  6. Tikal..............
  7. Tikal hands down.
  8. tikal.
  9. i'm leaning towards the tikal :smile: i'm just wondering with the papillon though will it sag if I don't have a lot in it or maintain the roundness?
  10. well- with the papillon....if you don't fill it up with stuff to even out the room it has (LOTS) then your stuff will scoot to either side and be unbalanced.......

    and if you eBay papillon you'll see all the differences in ages and usage...........those references should help.... (assuming they are real)
  11. tikal! pap is eye candy to me-not user friendly if you have narrow shoulder, also the contents don't stay in place.
  12. thanks everyone, I think i'm going to break the bank and get the tikal sometime in the upcoming weeks , I just hope it's not too bulgy if I put a lot of stuff in it.....(or looks that way..) and there isn't a lv store near me to go try one on :crybaby:

    Thanks for your help! :biggrin:
  13. have you consider purchase from Eluxury? you can save some tax if you are not in TN or CA, also it's offering free s&h now:yes:
  14. I'm definetly going to buy from elux but I won't get free shipping since I live in Alaska.... :sad: But I could wait until I go to Oregon and get it tax free.... :wlae: but that won't be for another month and a half *sigh*
  15. Tikal!!!!:yahoo: