Papillon question

  1. I just love the damier larger Papillon. Do you think it's okay for someone in their 40's or 50's to use this bag? It is so beautful but does look like it's made for someone younger. Is it comfortable as a shoulder bag and can you find things quickly when you put your hand inside?
  2. Of course!
  3. Yes...I see women in their 40s and 50s with it all the time, although they usually don't sport Monograms often and go to Damier
  4. This is a great bag for all ages. I have the 30 and am able to find all my things in it just fine. Its fits my comfortably as a shoulder bag. I love the Damier as it is very subdued.
  5. yes. my mom who (turns 49 in September) and i both have the Damier Papillon 30. the Damier is such a classic style, and it goes very well with older women.

    it's a good shoulder bag, and it comes with the little baby Papillon so you can put things you want separated inside
  6. Most definitely! I love the Papillon in Damier and Mono, so pretty!
  7. Definitly! I just recently sold my papillon, but its definitly a really cute bag, and can actually hold quite a bit. It also come with a cute baby pap so you can put you lipgloss or somthing that you need to get to quickly in there which is really handy!
  8. Absolutely!!!:yes: Get it and wear it in good health!!! Oh, and don't forget to post pics!!!;)
  9. And I like that I dont have to stress about getting it dirty or wet!:yes: :supacool::girlsigh:
  10. It is a very classy bag, perfect for all ages.
    I think any woman can carry any bag as long as she has self confidence & the right attitude. My mom has a darling Hello Kitty gym bag & carries it well & her daughter is 45!
  11. You're never too old for Damier =or= the Papillon. Wear what makes you happy, and enjoy!
  12. totally!!! you should always wear your bag YOUR way!!!
  13. You are sooo right. I'm in my late 40's and I buy what makes me happy:yahoo: :yahoo: Please post pics when you get it:yes:
  14. The Papillon is a very classy bag. It is one of the all time vintage. It had a second "life" when it was reintroduced with the naked vachetta handles. I love it.
  15. of course, either monogram or damier papillon, which ever that you like. the straps are long enough to hang comfortably on the shoulder. personally this bag is great and classy, you will love it.