Papillon or Alma

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just made my first LV purchase..but im having second thoughts. I bought the Mono papillon but i was thinking whether i should have gotten a red or black epi alma.

    I want to use the purse to go out everyday, but at the same time go to work (i see clients a lot). Just want an opinion on which bags are great for everyday carrying..but i also dont want a bag that everyone has (ie. i stayed away from the speedy)..

  2. I think a red epi Alma would be gorgeous..or if you like the style of the pap, why not get the epi soufflot?
    Here's the soufflot:

  3. ITA :nuts:
  4. mmmmm I am not a papillon person, I like bigger bags but It is a lovely bag. Choice really depends on whether you want the mono canvas or the Epi leather. I have the Epi Alma in black a very very classy bag for any occasion, & it will hold more than the papillon. If you want mono then the Cabas Piano or Mezzo (largest) are great bags. or even the Alma in mono?
  5. I say stick with the mono pap!!
  6. I'm not a papillon person either so I would go with an alma. I'm not sure your age but it's funny bec. those two bags imho are in my mind for a particualr age set. I feel like an alma is more suited to a mature(50's and up) woman and a papillon more suited to a woman in her teens/twenties. I am planning on switching to an alma from my speedies when I hit 50, lol.
  7. I love both bags... but would choose a black Epi Alma. ;)
  8. epi alma!
  9. If you need a bag to see clients with then I'd go with the Alma, the papillon is not a 'work' bag IMO. For an every day bag, the papillon is definitely a better choice. I have the Alma and I'm finding it hard to use as an every day bag, actually, I don't think it's that practical for casual or for work.
  10. Wow you guys are fast! Thanks for all the input! keep them coming!

    I tried the soufflot..and it didnt really match me for some reason (had a couple of friend with me and they didnt like it).

    The other bag i was looking at was the vertical lockit...but from everyone's input it looks like im probably going to return the papillon and get the alma.

    Speedydelivery - I'm going to be mid-20s soon..but i agree papillon seems more of a younger style..but i'm hoping to get a bag that will grow with me!
  11. I'd go with the alma if you want it for work it's more functional although the pap is a great bag too
  12. I like the black epi alma. It has such a classic look that will endure for years.
  13. Ooh then in that case, definitely get the red epi Alma. :love:
  14. I would go for the red epi alma.
  15. Those 2 bags are totally different. I prefer Papillon than Alma.