papillon nm or papillon 30 with pouch

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  1. Hey ladies, what are your thoughts on the papillon. It seems to be a love it/hate it bag. I really love it, but now I'm debating on the strap length. Should I get the shorter straps or the longer shoulder carry straps? I really can't decide-plus I really like the small pouch that comes with the older version.
    Thanks in advance for any advice!!
  2. I would go longer strap. :smile:
  3. I love the papillon 30 as well. I still have mine from over 12 years ago :smile: I'm able to carry over my shoulder with no issues. I think for some, it may not be the case. If you have an idea that the old version will not be comfortable for you to carry over the shoulder and this is a key requirement, I would go for the nm. If the old version will work for you, I would recommend it because it is leather lined. I think the current one is fabric lined. I could be wrong.
  4. i prefer the longer length strap
  5. I just purchased mine but I think I'm going to love it! What do you put in your mini pouch?
  6. I would buy it preowned and go for an older one. You can save so much money, especially since they don't hold their value. So I vote older model
  7. I just got a Damier ebene older version at a fraction of the cost of new! I just can't justify new when they don't hold their value at all!!
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