Papillon in damier vs. mono

  1. Hey everybody! I already have the Speedy 30 in mono print and now want a papillon. Trying to decide between the damier and the mono. I wear mostly solids (primarily black, grey, red, blue, olive). TIA!
  2. Damier papillon!!! I prefer it in damier, it's more classy IMO!
  3. I vote for damier!
    I adore mine
  4. Damier! I have it and love it. It's the bag that got me liking the damier print
  5. I love it in Damier. Actually don't care for it in the mono - Adore the damier in this bag!
  6. i'd absolutely go for the damier! the fact that you have a mono speedy 30 already may be a hint for you to diversify your collection a bit? ;) hehehe, good luck and let us know what you end up buying!
  7. Thanks everyone! Damier it is!
  8. i have one in Damier, and i vote for it too!!!

    i used to get so many compliment on it from MEN!!!! =D
  9. I strongly recommend the Damier as I have it in the Papillon and I loveeeeeeeeeee how it looks! :heart:
  10. damier!!
  11. Another vote for Damier :p
  12. my vote is for damier too. i have one in pap 26 so i might be a bit biased
  13. i love damier in the papillion, so classy and chic!
  14. My vote also goes to the damier print. I don't like it in mono.
  15. I vote for Damier too. I think the papillion is so pretty in Damier.