Papillon - damier or mono?

  1. I was always in love with the papillon, but for some reason I just never came to buying it. I'm going to the LV store next week, and I finally decided to buy the papillon. Now my question is: does it look better in mono or in damier?
  2. I personally like Damier cuz I don't like dealing with vachetta and Damier will be perfect for the upcoming winter months (waterproof!).
  3. I am wanting a papillon in damier for myself, so I choose that for you also! :smile:
  4. damier is water proof??
  5. Thanks for your answers! My first choice for the papillon was always the mono, but lately, I'm falling more and more in love with the damier. I think I might even like it better than the mono. But I'm just not 100% sure yet.
  6. I don't know about that, but I think she meant that with the vachetta, damier is a better choice. Vachetta can stain if you don't wipe waterdrops, especially if it doesn't have much color yet.

    For me that's not really a problem, because I just want to choose the most beautful bag, even if that means not using it when it rains :smile:
  7. Personally I think the pap looks better in Damier
  8. So do I and I'm not even really a fan of the Damier, unless it's the Azur.

    If I were to get a Papillon though it would be my first Damier.
  9. I only like the papillion in damier
  10. I really really really love it in the mono, it just looks so classic with it and when it gets patina it looks really great!!!! Probably one of the only bags that I love patina on.
  11. damier looks much better IMO! no need to worry about water marks, stains and all that too.
  12. I like the Papillon best in Damier. :yes:
  13. I have it in damier, and I love it! No vachetta to worry about ...
  14. I'm loving Damier lately, but I think I have to vote for the mono for the Papillon. Although both of course are great (how's that for decisive?? :smile:...)
  15. I have it in the Damier and it is a fantastic bag.