Papillon,bedford or soufflot?


which bag to get?? help me =)

  1. perle bedford

  2. vanilla soufflot

  3. monogram papillon

  4. damier papillon

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  1. So many barrel shaped bag, but which one to buy?? Decisions, decisions. So here's my question, which one do i buy??? I've just got an azur speedy and don't know if i want the damier. And is the vanilla soufflot still available in store?? I'm leaning towards the perle bedford. What are your opinions?? I'm going on thursday to purchase it hopefully. Thanks a lot for reading today!! :yes:
  2. I'd say the mono because that's a must have classic.
  3. Mono!
  4. Love perle bedford... however.. i m too afraid of colour transfer. i hv it in pomme. bedford is definately a beautiful piece:heart: i m sure u'll adore it:yes: ivorie soufflot gets my second vote!
  5. i don't think the vanilla soufflot is available anymore but there is always the ivoire soufflot :graucho: if not that, my next choice would be the damier pap!
  6. i like them all but my vote is for the perle bedford just because i am in love with vernis right now :biggrin:
  7. Perle bedford, because you're already leaning towards it and it's really gorgeous!
  8. wow so many perle bedford supporters.

    Ivoire soufflot is so pretty as well. I think it's a toss between the two for now.

    With perle, i am worried about colour transfer and will ivoire get dirty easily? I'm a little clumsy and my bags do get dirty easily :yucky: I'm ashamed to say that.
  9. epi leather will be easy to maintain... no worries:yes: but of course... perle bedford is beautiful... just have to be careful & babysit. happy choosing!
  10. First vote if for the perle bedford, second vote is for the damier pap.
  11. Perle bedford! I am craving a bedford, it's an amazingly beautiful bag!
  12. Monogram.
  13. out of the 4 you listed, i have the Damier Papillon 30 and Perle Bedford, and i get A LOT more use out of the Papillon, because it has no vachetta and is so low-maintenance and goes with everything. with the Bedford you'd have to be careful not to get any color transfer or scuffs
  14. damier papillon
  15. easy to worries! This is my go-to bag for all occasions and all weather!!!