Papillon: any other owners?

  1. My one and only LV bag is a Papillon.

    I just love its shape, and the shoulder straps, and I get compliments when I carry it. She was an anniversary present from my husband.

    I had seen the butterfly many years ago and told him how much I liked the shape. And then I forgot about it. About 2 years later, I asked for a Chanel wallet for our anniversary. He said "I have a better idea". He took me to a LV boutique and said "you said you loved the look of this bag, do you want it?" And I did!

    So that's how I got my first LV. Every time I see it, I remember that my husband knew what I wanted better than I did... (he doesn't always get it right!)

    Anyways, long story aside, I was wondering if anyone else has my lovely Papillon? I can't be its only admirer in such a big community? :drinks:
  2. THE MASK!!!! :lol:
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  3. I got my Damier 26 in Venice funny enough (seeing the mask) I also have the SIlver Miroir pap, Pink Cherry Blossom Pap and joint favourite with the Silver - I also have a black Multicolour pap.

    I've loved the Papillon for years and still love them. Haven't they just brought one back in Mono???
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  4. Thanks Dr Fabuleux. I bought it in Oxford and I wore it at a masquerade festival! :coolio:
  5. :loveeyes:
    Oh wow. I'd love to see the silver and the cherry blossom:yahoo:

    Yes there's one in Mono on the website. Pic attached.
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  6. I have the Papillon 30 in mono. She hasn't gotten much love lately...I plan to change that as the weather is getting nicer :smile:
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  7. I have the old model papillon and still use it. I love butterflies so it was a given that i would get this bag lol. In fact, my username actually means "butterfly".
    I think it is one of LV's more underrated bags. It had its heydey a few years back, and then a lot of other bags started getting more love and attention. But i have always been of the thought that LV is not an IT bag of the moment, it's a bag that transcends trends, and I use my papillon often!
  8. I love the papillon especially with the little pochette. I think it's still a beautiful and simple bag. I got the mono papillon 30 back in 2003. I used it like crazy for years and it held up really well to my surprise. A couple of years ago, I decided to spice it up with a bag charm which had me using it again :smile: I'll always love this bag!
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  9. Realize this thread is over 6 months old but I love my 2005 mono Papillon 30. It was my parents' gift to me for HS graduation and my first LV. I use it a lot and love the mini papillon it has with it too! That feature is what sold me - 2 bags in one. It is also one of the LV quintessential city bags but less preferred by the masses so it feels unique and special.
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    Beautiful bags
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  11. I think, Papillons are outstanding bags! Which other brand has such a unusual form?!
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  12. I love the look of this bag especially in DE.
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  13. I have the old model as well in Mono (with the attached mini coin purse) and I used to use it all the time. It was my first LV. Unfortunately, I haven't used it in quite a while. I think it's time to give it some love...
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  14. I bought a pre-loved mono 30 Pap over the summer. It's so cute and holds a lot inside. I like it better than my DE 30 but I prefer mono over DE.
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  15. After having worn this bag for about 10 days in a row, I am just about to give it a rest. Mine is a mono 26 that I adore and it holds more than you would actually think. If I didn't have this one, I would purchase one with the longer handles, but being the crafty person that I am, I attached a longer strap when I feel I need it. I posted pictures in the "Hacks" thread.