Papillon 30

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  1. I've posted this question before (sorry) but didn't receive much response so Papillon 30 owners, please help me out! :sos:

    I'm finding it more and more frustrating that I can't grab immediately the item I need out of the bag especially the small items. I tried using the mini papillon but just found it to be more in the way. Sandra had advised the purseket does not fit so how can I keep my things organized? :shrugs:

    My bag consists of wallet, small makeup bag, tissue, two sets of keys, tic-tacs, gum, hand santizer, and pair of sunglasses.

    Thank you all!
  2. Well, I don't own a papillon, but I was sitting here thinking and it sounds like you need some sort of filler in the bottom. Maybe a pretty cashmere scarf or two could be used to make it a little fuller and then maybe your stuff wouldn't float all around the bag. I keep a change of clothes for my toddler in the bottom of my speedy and it helps my stuff from rolling around.
  3. put the gum, tictac, glasses, tissue, hand sanitizer in another small make up bag of different color.
  4. :yes: YUP!!! I have the Damier Papillon 30 and love it to bits!!!
    I don't mind that it rolls or that it doesn't keep it's shape...
    as for the things hard to find...
    I have small pouches for everything...
    • make up bag
    • small essentials
    • sunnies
    • cellphone
    so I've got 4 separate bags and a long wallet so it's not hard to find.
  5. I have a pap, but I just lay everything around...but I guess if I wanted to be more organized, I'd separate everything in different pouches (like using my cosmetic pouches to store different things).
  6. Like everyone else mentioned, I recommend organizing things in different pouches, etc.
  7. well mine is a 26 not a 30 but i do find it hard to find things in it lol. Its pretty big inside. I hate trying to find my keys or my chocolate lip gloss. I have so much stuff in my bag though lol. I love it though