papillon 30 vs petite noe?

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  1. So i'm debating whether to get the Petite Noe in mono or the papillon 30....I've seen some screaming good deals on eBay. I'm 5'3", 120 lbs, skinny arms...which do ya think would fit me better? Opinions on the two bags?

    tysm! :lol:
  2. Personally i like the Petite Noe more.. Especially if its in Multicolore.. Simply Georgeous. I also like the fact that it can contain more. The Papillion is suitable for the young.
  3. I have a Papillon and I want to buy a Petit Noe. I'm about the same measurements as you, and I thought the Petit Noe was a good fit, very comfortable under the arm. And it can be used everyday! My poor Papillon is lucky to see the light of day maybe 2 times per month. (I'm a graduate student, so I need a bigger, more practical bag for every day.)
  4. I think the Pap 30 is a fantastic bag and great for days when you need a bit of room for your bits'n'pieces but aren't carrying notepads or books. Can't go past the great deal of that mini Pap too.. :tup:

    The Petit Noe is also gorgeous, but I'd say the Pap for it's versatility, cute shape and for the bonus smaller bag (evening bag, makeup bag).
  5. Papillon 30.
  6. I have the mono petit noe and the damier pap 30, but i hardly ever use the pap it's just not very practical for me. Both are nice bags but i would go for the petit noe
  7. I think they are both very cute bags, but they are so different. Does one call to you more?
    For myself, I'd get the Papillon 30 in mono and the noe in MC or epi! :smile:
  8. I have both and I am using the petit noe more right now because it can hold more and I can wear it more comfortably on the shoulder.
  9. petite noe!
  10. I actually like the Papillon 30 more as I have never been a fan of the Noe.
  11. I'll say the Petite Noe. I almost bought that bag in Boston last year. I still have my eye on it.
  12. These bags are so different. Not even like comparing apples and oranges...more like comparing apples and lettuce! Get the Noe!
  13. I agree that the two bags are quite different. I have had both and prefer the papillon over the Noe only because I prefer handbags and the Noe bottom is always stiking out and when you naturally have a big bottom you don't want that. Both have pro's and con's but I am sure it would be a fair comparison.
  14. Papillon !!!
  15. thanks for the feedback ladies :biggrin: