Papillon 30 owners --

  1. Does this bag hold a pretty good amount of stuff? Does anyone have any pictures of the inside of it and what it will hold? Any negatives about this design?
  2. I have the Pap, and it does carry A fair bit!
    I'm not one of those people who carries there whole life around in the bag though lol!
    I usually have my Makeup, Wallet, Phone, Hairbrush and a few misc items in my bag and they all fit perfectly in my pap.
    Its such a cute bag, and lots of people ask about how comfy is it because of the shape, and its totally fine, i've had no problem with mine whatsoever!
    Hope this helps.
  3. i carry my entire life around with me, and i can fit my wallet, makeup, cell phone, keys, and my pencil case, iPod and even medium agenda when i take it to school :yes:
  4. Wow it holds a lot!
  5. Yeah, it holds a nice amount. I've been known to fit several pens and pencils, a wallet, keys on a keychain, a plastic bag, the dust cover, one of those fat little assignment books, a cell phone, a graphing calculator, mints, gum, the mini papillon (which may have contained the phone and mints, I can't remember), and one or two flexible paperback books inside it all at once:yes: .
  6. I think Papillon 26 is also another good option. They have the same dimension except the width is only couple inches different, that's all. Maybe something to consider as well. HTH.
  7. Can you do the same with the Bedford? Are they the same size?
  8. yes they're the same size :yes:. and i can fit the same things in, but with a bit of difficulty, because the Bedford is stiff, so it's difficult to get in and out of.
  9. I agree. :yes:
  10. So stiff that I should pass on getting one?

    I am eyeing a bronze or marshallow one.
  11. the zipper doesn't open the entire length of the Bedford, unlike the Papillon, so the opening is smaller. sometimes the zip scratches my hand when i'm getting in and out of it, which is a bit irritating.
  12. yeah, I love my 26! I'm kinda petite and the 30 just looked funny on me when it was up on my shoulder, both my SA and myself thought the 26 suited me better and I can fit a lot in it too! Even my medium agenda if need be but only if I'm using a small wallet or cardcase with it.....
  13. it fits a surprising amount considering the size. i loved mine when i used to carry it all the time.
  14. a medium agenda :nuts:
    Can you post pic's of your 30 loaded ?
  15. this is the best i could do without pulling the bag apart :lol:. as you can see, my makeup goes into the baby Papillon. and note that i carry my agenda, pencil case and iPod (which i forgot to photograph :mad:) only when i go to school. i try not to overstuff it because of its shape.
    papillon 001.jpg papillon 002.jpg