Papillon 30 owners, help.

  1. Since my Illovo MM is also staining my stuff, I might exchange it with another damier bag. I want a comfortable shoulder bag. Is the papillon 30 a comfortable shoulder bag? Can anyone please post a pic with it on the shoulder with your arm down. Does your arm squish the bag when you wear it for a long time? Also, if you have the damier papillon, is the lining the cotton red one (which is a curse for me :confused1: )? Thank you. :flowers:
  2. The lining is leather, so no staining problems:yes:
  3. it's very comfortable on the shoulder, but your arm kind of squish the bag against you. not that it really matters, because the canvas springs back into shap if you prod it around a bit :lol:
  4. Hi there. The Papillon 30 is not made to be a shoulder bag, however you can use it as one. I find that when I do use it on my shoulder that it's squishing the shape of the bag. Therefore, I mainly use it on the crook of my arm or just hand-held. The lining is NOT the same as the Damier Speedy. It's red canvas but not the textile-lining so it shouldn't bleed like the other PFers have been mentioning.
  5. Interior of Damier Papillon:

    Mannequin with Damier Papillon:
  6. It is good on shoulder, if you dont mind that your arm Will squish the bag :yes:
  7. Thanks John, whew :sweatdrop: none of that nasty textile lining!
  8. Does it look bad when it is being squished? Do you feel uneasy that is it is squished? Any pics?
  9. Mine is not damier but mono 30. Here are some pics with it on:
    pap30111.JPG Clipboard01.jpg Clipboard02.jpg
  10. Damier papi out in 2006 has gorgeous red leather lining...yumm you should get it..
  11. Irene, it looks great on you!
  12. not really. everytime i wear it on my shoulder, i end up bumping into things/people or they bump into me. i usually end up using it as a handbag.