Papillon 30 Mono or Daimer?

  1. Hi LV gurus and fans! I want to buy my wife a LV Papillon 30. I understand that this handbag has two designs. The Mono and the Daimer. I cannot really make up my mind. I already bought her an LV wallet two years back but I don't exactly know the name of it. It is the metallic type. Anyway, this papillon 30 would be her first LV bag.

    May I kindly request for some valuable thoughts and comments? Thanks in advance!

  2. I prefer mono... for a first bag I think mono style is better.. mono is classic...
  3. For some reason, I think the papillon in the damier pattern just outshines the mono. The mono is beautiful, but the checker pattern with the barrel design is just gorgeous!
  4. Hi and welcome! I like the look of the Damier Papillon. It looks much classier than the Mono, IMHO. :tup:
  5. i prefer the mono. i love my papillon 30.
  6. I'd get the Papillon 30 in DAMIER. :tup:

    It would be a great 1st LV bag because she wouldn't have to worry so much about the vachetta.
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  8. Mono is so common already.. I love the Damier Papillon... I have it in smaller version.. very nice
  9. I own a Damier Papillon but I always wanted it in the mono.

    I just love how it looks with the lighter straps and cute LVs all over it.

    My vote goes to the Mono.
  10. Mono is the best, the papillon mono gets the best patina
  11. i have it in Damier, and it's one of my favorite everyday bags. it's very low-maintenance without the vachetta, and it's not faked as much as the Monogram Papillon is
  12. So sweet of you. I personally prefer the Papillion in Damier.
  13. Thanks so much for the suggestions & responses. It is really not easy having to choose from two good designs. And honestly, all your valid comment makes it harder for me choose...haha!

    I think I would go for Daimer already. I hope my wife would like and appreciate it.

    Thanks and best regards to all!

  14. damier
  15. I say mono , I love mono the best out of all the LV designs.