Papillon 30: Mono canvas or Damier?


Papillon 30: Mono canvas or Damier?

  1. Monogram Canvas

  2. Damier Canvas

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  1. I love how the mono canvas goes with absolutely EVERYTHING... Damier seems a bit more fall/winter seasonal to me. But there's just something about the Pap in the Damier pattern (I think it's all those little squares on the round barrel shape of the bag :heart: )

    So, which one would you get? TIA!
  2. i think the Papillon looks best in Damier; i have one and i love it. it looks so classy and elegant, and it's very low-maintenance too
  3. I LOVE my mono pap...but everytime I see the damier one, I get so jealous! That bag is beautiful, and I think you could use it year round! You should get it in damier. :yes:
  4. :yes:

    Damier all the way!
  5. I like it in damier.
  6. I prefer it in Damier!
  7. damier ! Loves it !
  8. I think Damier looks more chic.
  9. I'm in the same boat as you trying to decide. I think the damier will be more classy.
  10. I like it in Damier.
  11. I LOVE this bag in damier.
  12. Another vote for the Damier:yes:
  13. I agree totally!:yes:
  14. Definitely Damier!
  15. Sorry, I voted both. LOL, I have the old Mono Papillon without the vachetta and love it...but I love the Damier one too!