Papillon 30- How do you use it?

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  1. For those who have a papillon 30, how do you use it... do you use it primarily during the day as a daytime bag or do you use it to go out at night? Because describes the papillon 30 as a "casual daytime bag," so does the papillon 30 seem to casual for night. Also, the sales associate said that the papillon 30 isn't really meant to be a shoulder bag, so would the shorter straps be inconvenient on the shoulders for long periods of standing... or even dancing? What is your opinion on the papillon 30 as a "night out with the girls" bag?

    And for those who have BOTH a papillon 30 AND a pochette accessoires/recital/navona/beverly clutch, which do you grab for a night-out-in-town-with-the-girls?
  2. I don't have a papillon, but I think it is to big to take it for a night out. Then it is a better idea to use a smaller bag like the pochette accesoires
  3. I have a Damier Papillon 30 and LOVE it - in fact I wore it today to work. But it is a large bag so I don't see myself grabbing it for a night out partying/clubbing.

    I can fit it comfortably over my shoulder for long periods of time - especially if you loop one strap in the other it makes it longer.

    It's all personal preference. But, if I had a choice I would go with the pochette for girl's night out.
  4. Attached is a pic of how looping the straps would make the bag an easier fit over the shoulder. If you can't tell and I at work and a little bored. :p
  5. ^ interesting. i think pochette will be less of a hassle.
  6. for a night on the town, I would take the papillon. the pochette is just tooo small for me.
  7. When I had mine, it was mainly a day bag. Papillon 30 seems (to me) too big for a night out. 26 would be more suitable size. Again, JMO, of course.
  8. I love my Damier 26 and its perfect for going out to the movies w/ friends at night. When I am going to eat at a restaurant, though, I prefer my epi or azur pochette because I don't like setting my bag down anywhere.
  9. I have a bedford (same size as the papillon 30) and it is def too big for a night out dancing. Also, it is not comfy on the shoulder but I've never tried LisaG719's method of wearing it. Its a great casual bag and roomy.
  10. I have the monogram papillon 30...I use it for both day and night time use. It really doesn't fit well as a shoulder bag for me...I carry it either on my forearm or by the handles.