Papillon 26

  1. I'm considering getting one for my first LV (I can sense this becoming a scary obsession:wtf:). How is it in terms of size? I'm not really looking for something to stuff my things in - just something for everyday grocery shopping or casual restaurants. What things can I fit comfortably in the pap 26?
  2. Read in some threads that papillon is not really so nice cos it's difficult to get things in/out of the bag.
  3. i have a papillon 26 and i'd say the capacity is about the same as a speedy 25. i like it, its different from the rest of the LVs i own. the only downside is that if you're not carrying enough, things can slide to one side making it a little awkward.
  4. I love it. I dont carry much just a wallet, ipod, phone, keys, sunglases and maybe some gum. I have not have any problems with it.
  5. I have one and love it! I use it more than my Speedys. It can hold my pomme french purse, small agenda, cell phone, coach pill case, canon digi cam, make up bag, and ipod with video comfortably.