Papillon 26 Vs NM....thoughts?

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  1. Hello everyone. I have always been keen on this style of LV... I love that it is classic, iconic and a bit more unusual than some other styles. I have spotted a papillon 26 and nm pre loved and wondering which one I should bid on... Has anyone had either? Or any thoughts on what may be the better option? I am perhaps leaning towards the more vintage handheld model but also think that it has been perhaps updated for a reason and therefore the nm would be a better choice?. Any opinions would be much appreciated. They are both in mono. :smile:
  2. The NM I believe has a longer strap
    Drop. I had a bag like it. It is lovely but at time can be cumbersome to get in an out of due to the nature of the barrel. But it's really pretty. If you love it! The older model came with a smaller mini and I don't think the new one does?
  3. I'll never get rid of my papillon! There is no style like it :smile: I would say nm though

  4. Would love to hear more.....

  5. Haha - it's the only LV is own that my husband actually likes! He thinks it's different.

    I have the DE 30 and for the most part it fits everything I need.
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    I have the old model Papillon 30 and the NM has longer straps that allows for you to shoulder carry. The old models were possible to shoulder carry but the short straps made it difficult and uncomfortable. I believe the old models were designed to be hand carried or carried by the crook of your arm.

    A couple things I really disliked about the Pap was that there were no inside pockets to organize and all your belongings would just shift around like crazy. If you carried a lot, it would become annoying to try to find that specific item. One other thing was that the bag would literally roll sometimes. I've heard of some Paps that rolled off a surface and fell onto the ground but that has never happened to me.

    The big reason why I kept mine was sentiment. It was my first LV and it was the design I was just dying to have at that time. Despite its flaws, I think it is beautiful and a really uniquely shaped bag that is instantly recognizable. Even today, I don't see it out often at all. I think you would stand out in a crowd with this.

  7. Lol! Knowing my hubby he would be the same way. Lol. It's a really cool bag.
  8. As others have said above, the Papillon 26 has shorter straps and I don't think it can be carried on the shoulder. The Papillon NM is larger, it has the size of the Papillon 30, they don't make the mini Papillon that went with the 30 anymore, but they added an inside and an outside flat pocket and a leather zipper pull with a lock closure (similar to the classic Speedy).
    Another difference might be the inside lining: the inside of the older models is leather, which helps give the bag some structure and keep its iconic barrel shape, the NM has a textile lining so maybe it might be softer and slouch.
    I have the "old" Papillon 30 and love it, it is my "going out without kids" bag so I don't use it that much, but I still think it is special.
  9. I have an old Pap 30 and I love its shape and the fact I hardly see it around. It's lined in cross grained leather so it feels more luxurious than my other mono bags. I think the NM looks good too with the longer straps.
  10. I have the damier ebene pap 26 and it's so cute and holds quite a bit! Love it!
  11. I have the papillon 30 in mono from early 2000s. The NM is nice but it's not lined with leather which I think will help keep the shape of the bag. I would go for the 26 older model since it is leather lined if you don't mind possibly not being able to put it on your shoulder.
  12. I prefer the original Papillon 26 because I like it handheld better than the NM with longer straps.

    I had the Papillon 26 years ago and loved it!!!! What a classic.