papillon 26 - to buy or not to buy

  1. that is the question!
    i found a descent deal online but i haven't seen this IRL.
    it's damier.
    how small is the 26? i'm pretty petite (5'2'') but everyone seems to prefer the 30 here when i searched it.

    help!! should i???
  2. I have the damier papillon 26, and I love it! I think it's a great size, it fits everything I normally carry. It is a handheld bag, so if you're looking for something to carry on the shoulder, the 30 is a better choice. But I love the 26 size :heart:
  3. I also have the pap. 26 (mono). I love it!! Small and cute!:love: It fits all my essentials without being too packed. Wallet, ckbk., ph., brush, and a few misc. loose things..and I still have room to spare.

    Very cute! Depends on how much you carry I guess...and will function best for you. Good Luck! :biggrin:
  4. i'm petite too. and i have the damier pap 26. the 30 is too big for me.

    but if you want to use it as a shoulder bag then get the pap 30. but i think it would be way too big for you though.
    the 26 would be better for you
  5. I have it and I love it! It was my first LV and I don't regret my decision at all, great bag!! Fits the essential (and more), comfortable bag, and just overall great. I really recommend it!

    Here's a pic - I'm 5'2 and 97lbs.

  6. ^^^ Jen, you look GREAT rocking that papillon. 97 lbs? :shocked: Geeze, you're a tiny tiny little thing. :graucho:
  7. The 26 is cute. I want a 30 though cause it's bigger and comes with a baby. LOL.
  8. That's why I got the 30, just for that "free" little thing. :lol:
  9. ^^ Technically not free cause it's like 300 more than the 26 :P

    But yeah I'm in love with my friend's damier papillon. I'm waiting until she goes broke so I can lowball her haha.
  10. hmm I also prefer the 30 but the 26 looks cute too.
  11. Aww thanks Irissy!! Oh I know, it sucks being so small sometimes and I'm trying to gain weight but it's not working :cry: I actually lost weight when I started college, double :cry:
  12. I love my 26 and I am 5'.
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. I'm 5 feet tall and I have the 26 and the 30. The 26 is too small for all my stuff so it only gets used once in a while. The 30 is a bit too big so it never gets used at all! Poor Papillons!
  15. i'd have to say, either or.... it really depends on how much stuff you carry!!! i think this LV bag is great!!! SO cute!!!! its totally on my list!!!
    good luck on what you decide!!!!!
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