Papillon 26 -- thoughts?

  1. Hi, Everyone -- this is the first time I'm posting a new thread -- SO glad to have found all of you!
    I am on the waiting list for the Tivoli PM, BUT I just need a "little" something to hold me over for the next few weeks until they arrive (and I can receive one)! I was thinking of getting the small Papillon. I am short, and larger bags look ridiculous on me... you can see my collection below to get an idea of the sizes that work.
    Originally, I was turned off by this style, perhaps because it has been around forever and I associated it w/ my mother :hysteric:(she may have one, for all I know), but lately I have been interested in it. The last time I was in a LV store (a couple of weeks ago!), the SA showed me how it can be worn as a shoulder bag, which I thought was pretty cool -- so to be able to have a cute handbag AND the option of throwing it over my shoulder in a pinch is very appealing to me, as is the fact that it can be zippered.
    It just seems different from the ones I already have, and since I am awaiting the Tivoli PM which appears to have a "tote" element to it, I don't think I need a tote-specific type bag.
    I recently purchased from eLux and then immediately sent back the MC Batilgnolles and the MC Lockit PM, both because they seemed too "big" for me (and I didn't like how the Batignolles only had hand-held straps and no closure, so it seemed like anyone could just "help themself" to the contents of your handbag!).
    In terms of adding another bag to throw into the mix of my "everyday" bags, the price of the Papillon 26 can't be beat. Currently, I trade off daily between my MC Speedy 25 and my MC Neverfull PM. I usually only take the MC Mini Noe when I'm going to a specific event (as it isn't really practical, IMO, to keep tying and untying and making a "perfect" bow, etc.). And the MD Pleaty isn't particularly "user friendly" in terms of the clasp for everyday when I'm running a million errands and have to get into my purse every 5 seconds. For evenings when I am going out w/ my husband and just want something to hold my lipstick, DL, and AmEx (thus, not my whole "life'!) I take the MC Ellipse Mini or the MC Recital.
    So, based on my what I already have and my needs, what do you think about the Papillon 26?
  2. I think the papillon 26 is perfect...i was thinkin of gettin one for myself but i got a duomo instead...i will probably end up buyin a papillon in xmas...cant really help my temptations.
  3. I think a pap26 would be great!! It was my very first LV bag and has been a trooper ever since!!:tup: Welcome to tPF!! I'm fairly new as well.
  4. It's a great bag. I used to have one, but sold it. It's classic, it's durable, it's great like all LVs. But I don't think it can be worn comfortably as a shoulder purse for most people - I could wear it as a shoulder purse, but the body of the purse would be parallel to my back, which is kind of weird to me. Also, it's pretty small... and it would roll onto the floor off the passenger seat whenever I'd hit the brakes in my car. If those things aren't a problem with you, though, get it!! I'd make sure to try it on in the boutique and try putting your basic stuff in there. Good luck!
  5. I think it sounds perfect for you, but given what feedback Article3 above has given above I'd go to a store and try it with a strap and see exactly how it feels when walking, sitting, whether it shifts around your body when on the strap, and if it's own straps fit comfortably over your shoulder. Given that you're shorter, you may find the purse sits perfectly where you want it to be, but best be sure.

    I have a Damier Pap 26 on my wishlist, and think it's a fabulous bag!
  6. Wow -- thanks SO much for everyone's input! ALL valid points to consider, which is exacty why I asked! I am going to a LV store TODAY -- so I can try it on (with the shoulder strap "option") as well as see how my stuff fits in.
    I know that from what I've read (on this thread and others) that some people have had no problem with the shoulder option while others found it uncomfortable... I'm hoping that being of a more "petite" stature the shoulder strap trick will be okay for me (I'm 5'2", approx. 100-105 lbs, 42 years old and long finished with having babies so hopefully my weight will remain within this range). Also, as you can tell from the bags I currently own, I guess I just don't carry as much stuff as others. It is basically my MC LV checkbook cover, credit card case, and the key & change holder, along with a pen and a couple of lip glosses and I'm good to go, so I think a smaller capacity purse will be okay (and if I have a day/activity requiring a "bottomless pit", I always have my Speedy 25, Neverfull PM, and hopefully within the next month or so the Tivoli PM). I guess it is a good thing I don't need a large handbag for all my stuff because I look so ridiculous with a larger bag -- like I'm playing "dress-up" and carrying my "mommy's purse"!!!
    I'll let you know what I end up with after my LV visit today!
    THANKS :happydance:
  7. I bought the papillon 26...six years ago for my daughter...and actually it is still one of her favorite bags...what she seems to like the most is that it can be carried by hand..or if you cheat a can attach a Vuitton strap...Happy bag shopping...and I know you will just love this bag...
  8. UPDATE... I bought it! It works "over the shoulder" perfectly on me. The next size up obviously gave a little more "wiggle room", but the bag was totally oversized for me, even the SA thought so. I LOVE this bag. It looks so cute! I think it is way more "interesting" of a shape than I initally thought a few months back. For me, there is plenty of room for my stuff. I finally pulled out my MD Pleaty the other day and used it as a day bag... that one is definitely limited on what you can carry -- and the denim sort of "mushes" so much it is hard to find things -- but the Papillon 26 is way larger.
    I did debate (briefly) between getting it in the MC or the Damier (I actually didn't realize they made the 26 in the Damier) but I am not totally "sold" on the Damier pattern just yet (I guess I'm not a "checks" person). Also, the straps on the Damier were very stiff to me and the edges of them hard. The vanchetta straps on the MC are so much softer and pliable -- I guess there is a trade-off for everything.
    Anyhow, thanks SO much for your input in helping me make this decision!