Papillon 26 owners

  1. Does this bag fit on your shoulders or is only handheld?
    i never liked the pap too much, but now this bag is growing on me:nuts::rolleyes:
  2. There is no way my Pap 26 will fit on my shoulder
  3. ^ same here. I love the Pap mines a Damier it;s a very classy bag IMO
  4. Won't fit on my shoulders, it's a handheld for me.
  5. ^ :yes:
    Yes, it's definitely handheld.
  6. it's a handheld bag :smile:
  7. If I loop one handle over the other I can fit it on my shoulder, but it is nicer on my forearm or handheld.
  8. definitely handheld.
  9. thank you!!
  10. There is no way I could wear mine on my shoulder. It is definitely a handheld for me.