Papillon 26 or Speedy 30? please help me choose!

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Papillon 26 or Speedy 30?

  1. go for Papillon 26!

  2. Speedy 30 is perfect choice!

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  1. I can't decide what to make my first ever LV purchase,I thought my mind has set on Speedy but then I saw Papillon and I do like it a lot, I am 5'3 tall,curvy and carry loads of stuff-wallet,iPod,Clinique powder,lip gloss,jaeger pouch with medications...Is Papillon 26 big enough for me? won't it look too small? please help!!
  2. the papillon 26 is too small. i have one and can only carry my wallet, cell, and sunglasses case comfortably.

    maybe you should look at the papillon 30. its a shoulder bag too.

    but between the pap 26 and speedy 30. i'd go with the speedy 30.
  3. thanks,I am afraid Papillon 30 is too expensive for me as it costs £120 more than Papillon 26:/
  4. speedy 30.
  5. def the speedy i love the papillon's shape but i think they priced it wrong if i had money i would buy the bigger version but in your case stick with the speedy the price is right and it is a great size:tup:
  6. I think you should wait a bit longer and save up the money for the Papillon 30. You don't really see Papillons all the time and I think they look a little more different and interesting. It holds a lot and would probably look better on you than the 26 would if you're curvy (I'm a big girl, and the 30 looks fine on me). Plus, it comes with the cute little mini Papillon (the 26 doesn't come with that):yes:.

    What canvas are you looking to get? I think you should get Damier so you won't have to worry about the vachetta getting wet and stuff. I kick myself every day for not getting the Damier Papillon 30 instead of the Monogram one...I'm so afraid of getting waterspots on the vachetta that I rarely take that bag out:sad:.

    (P.S.-Who is the guy in your avatar? I think I know who it is, but I'm not sure and want to see if I'm right:shame:smile:
  7. Speedy 30 :tup:
  8. The 26 is really small. I wanted that as my first LV too, but realized the speedy was a much better choice for me. Just don't settle for something unless you REALLY love it.
  9. 1st choice: papillon 30
    2nd choice: speedy 30
    3rd choice: papillon 26
  10. I would go with the speedy 30, You can fit tons of stuff it and if you travel, it folds up nicey. Plus the 30 is a classic bag you will be able to use for ever. Of course, if you are very petite, then the small papillon is a very classy bag.:yes:
  11. I have both and I don't think the Pap 26 will be big enough for all your things. Speedy 30 carries a lot more.
  12. if you really want a papillon, you may be able to find a used one in fairly new condition on ebay at a decent price. but, if you want a new one, id go with the speedy 30
  13. Speedy!!!!!
  14. Speedy is definitely a more comfortable to carry bag and more convenient. The Papillon is cute but the 26 is really small. You might want to go with the 30 and then you'll get the little round pochette too.
  15. I have the papillon 30 and I love it. The shape is unique and it's a perfect size to hold everything you need.