Papillon 26 or 30?

  1. i am deciding to get a papillon..but don't know if i suit 26 or 30...
    i am bout 160cm..5'2 i think.........and kinda chubby...
    does anyone have pics on ppl holding papillon 26 and 30, so that i can see what's the difference of the size. thx a lot
  2. Personally, I would go with the 30. The 26 is pretty small and I think it kind of looks funny on most people...JMHO.
  3. 30
  4. then do you guys prefer monogram canvas 30 or damier 30?
  5. I'd say 30 too. It was one of my first LVs (a mono) and I LOVED it. Gonna get a damier soon since I sold the mono long ago to fund later bags. Go try it on to make sure tho, the pap isn't a bag everyone loves.

  6. I say go Damier since it's easier to care for and the interior is an amazing red canvas that is care free also! The 30 comes with a small mini papillon also which is a no-brainer to me since it's like a free gift for buying the larger bag!
  7. Def 30. I got the 26 and I was pretty disappointed. The 30 looks so chic and anyone can pull it off.

  8. I like the Papillon 30 and I personally think it looks better in DAMIER. :yes:
  9. i wear jeans most of the time...very casual...since i am still a college student...should i go for the mono or damier? coz i want a bag which i can use no matter i wear casual or semi formal..(like speedy..goes well with any style)
  10. Pap 30 in Damier.
  11. I would go with the 30 too! The 26 is a small bag.
  12. I live in jeans and Juicy sweats and Nikes and carry everything from Prada gauffres to LV of any type to Birkins. I'm not one of those who cares about clothes or shoes as much as bags. *As long as my super clean Nikes match my sweat suit and purse, that is! lol*

    I think it is just your preference in bags and how you carry yourself when you wear them.

    I worked 'heels and hose' jobs when I toted my mono pap, but it looks equally fab with jeans and so does Damier. You cant lose either way!
  13. I'll go for 30
  14. since like everyone would go for damier 30
  15. forgot to ask...which one is better? damier 30 in azur or in ebony?? is azur easy to get dirty??