Papillon 26 or 30?

  1. So I was thinking today that the Onatah may be bigger than what I want and I was thinking the papillons like just as cute and not as expensive :smile: Does the 30 hold a lot more than the 26 or just a little bit? Like...could I hold my keys, wallet, cellphone, sunglasses and small lotion in the 26 comfortablely and still have room to breathe (lol) or would the 30 be a better choice?
  2. I have the pap 26, and the things you mentioned should fit fine w/ some extra room.

    Just the other day though, I threw in my Red Groom Wallet (which is rather large), keys, cell, brush, hairclip, and it seemed fine. Not totally crammed or too packed. Still pretty roomy.

    I used to put my smaller wallet inside when I used it (the Ludlow). Which gave me even more room.
    So, if you have a smaller wallet you'd have even more "extra room".

    HTH! ;)
  3. hmmm it's a tough decision. lol I'm eying a pap 26 and 30 on eBay and they're both about the same price so I may go for the 30.... ;)
  4. Ya, the 30 would give you extra room for days when you need to carry more!

    Good Luck!!!! :yes:
  5. If you are going with a papillon I would go with the 30.
  6. I think everything you mentioned will be able to fit into a 26 but I personally prefer a 30, especially since it also comes with a baby pap. :p
  7. I had both and thought the pap 26 was a really cute and nice size, but what bothered me was that the straps were shorter and I wasn't able to put it over my shoulder. I ended up giving that to my sister and now keeping the 30 just for the reason that the straps were long enough to be worn on the shoulder. Also, I didn't realize it, but the extra couple of inches or so held a lot more than I thought.
  8. i have pap 30 and willl choose that over the 26 because you get the baby pap too which is adorable
  9. I would go with the 30 for the fact when you need/want to carry extra things you can.
  10. I bought a 26 and thought it was the right size. I had it for 2 days and exchanged it for a 30 b/c it's bigger, you can wear it on your shoulder, and it comes witht he baby papillon!

    The 26 will def. fit everything you mentioned, but I vote for the 30
  11. i like the feel of the thirty better.
  12. another vote for 30 simply because it comes with the cute baby pap :heart:
  13. The 30's ability to fit over the shoulder is priceless. The baby papillon is a nice touch too.
  14. 30!!! and it comes with that little mini one too! :o)