papillon 26 new handles ?

  1. Hiya
    I'm thinking about getting a papillon 26 on eBay and its leather is rather brown at the top of the handles compared to the bottom of the straps? How much would it cost to get them re done ?

    also could i carry this bag a shoulder bag, im quite slim. How long are the straps ? as i have other shoulder bags with the same looking length straps? also i ask this because in one of the pic its placed on a dress form shoulder.

  2. The papillon 30 is more suited to being a shoulder bag. The 26 is too small IMO (my daughter has it and she is 5'1" and about 92 pounds, and she can't comfortably wear it on her shoulder). The cost for replacing straps is pretty expensive. If you are going to do the straps and piping, you are probably looking at about $400-500. They have to take the whole bag apart. They come up fairly often on eBay - might be better to wait for one in better condition. Or look for one in Damier. It's really pretty.
  3. ive found just now a better condition one on eBay that im getting checked out on the authentic thread
  4. Oh good! Let us know what happens! It's a really cute bag. My hairdresser loved my daughter's so much she bought herself one and just loves it.
  5. It's a cute bag!! Hope you find one in great condition!!
  6. I tried one on last time I was at the boutique... definitely NOT a shoulder bag. They sit nicely in the crook of the arm.