Papillon 26 from let-trade...

  1. It's $299.99 including shipping, and I know a lot of people who receive packages from let-trade don't have to pay duties/customs...
    Should I get it?
    It's the papillon with the non-vachetta straps, so I can carry it during the winter.
    It's the perfect size for me, better than the 30, from what I hear from papillon owners here.
    The zipper pull is in great condition, the hardware looks good for an older style bag, and let-trade said that the bag has only a few scratches, but it's nothing serious.

    What do you think? SHould I? Should I? I'm on break right now so I have another 30 minutes to decide!!
  2. I love the papillon! I'd say get it!!!
  3. Get it!! Love the papillon!
  4. GET IT! It's a great price!
  5. get it now!
  6. Great price!
  7. Get it! What a great deal!
  8. Wow! Great price! Go for it!
  9. Yes, go for it! :yahoo:
  10. Meh. I never liked the Mono Papillon. But, if you like it, why not?
  11. Great!! I GOT IT GUYS :yahoo:
    At first I only saw Miroir's post as the last post, and four people was enough to convince me to get it!
    Comparing that one with the ones I see on eBay, $299.99 IS in fact a great price for a bag in that that includes shipping, probably no duties, and no worries about authenticity!
    Thanksss!! I'm so excited!! I'll probably get it within the next few days knowing their fast shipping service!! Finally, a mono bag for winter!! :wlae:
  12. OOoh, congratulations! So glad that you decided to get it!
  13. CONGRATS on the new papillon!!!!!!!!! And for such a great price too!!!!!!!!
  14. woohoo! go karman!
  15. Congrats!