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  1. hi ladies , I know that I'm not such an active member around here lately , but hopefullly I'll be one soon. I really need your opinion on this " would you trade a 3 month old Papillion26 Damier barely touched for a monogram Saumur 30 not new , but in pretty good shape ? here's the pictures of Saumur . I 'd really appreciate your opinion , thank you
  2. Pics not there, just a box with a red x (broken link)... :sad:
  3. That's though..I love to own saumur, something about it just make me want it. Very unusual looking bag. I also love to own damier pap but in 30 not 26...
    Gosh...I am sorry..I am not helping here ...
    Pap is trendy..youngish kind of bag...
    To me Saumur is more like vintage bag own by my mom...but I want it..
  4. yea , I know the feeling , the Saumur has something !! I would love to keep the Papillion , but I can't afford ,so I have to sell it and get a bigger one instead
  5. The Damier Pap 26 is a nice size and looks very classy, you can use it for everyday as well as evenings
    Drawbacks: can't sling over the shoulder, sometimes can be hard to get in and out due to structure and zipper (but I don't have any problems getting in and out of my Mono 26, but some others here do)

    The Mono Samur IMO is a very large bag and looks more casual, you need to unbuckle and buckle the strap to get in and out (those who know me know that I hate that in an LV bag so I'm biased here!), you can use it for day outings as it can be worn messenger style or on shoulder
    Drawbacks: not new, IMO not as nice for evening out as very casual

    I say keep the Pap and get the Samur used later...
  6. that's a very good point you have here ,thank you, but I forgot to mention that my Papillon's been sitting in the closet for like 2 months now because it doesn't meet my needs anymore , I need a bigger purse to carry stuff everyday and since I will never sell expensive things on ebay , I have to trade it:sad:
  7. if you can see the saumur in person before the trade or if you can return it after, you would probably be able to make a better decision.
  8. saumur
  9. I have to say you should stay with the Papillion.
  10. thanks ladies, thanks for your replies.:flowers:
    tough decision though:sad:
  11. Okay, I got it now! :idea:

    Why are you thinking about the Samur instead of another LV? What do intend to use it for and what do you want to carry in it?
  12. hey ya
    i really like the Papillion its just so cute! i'd keep it for sure!!!
    have you thought about a Batignolles range??? they're great!!!
  13. I lOve The Papillion26!!! :smile:
  14. hi my internet was down since yesterday:censor: !! well, I need an everyday purse to match my supercasual outfits , nothing classy or so, that can be worn over the shoulder (long strap) and something that is roomy and organized as well. I saw a Saumur a few weeks ago on a lady and I liked how comfortable it looked . I love Cabas and Batignolles , but they're a bit out of my budget for the moment