papillion question

  1. Well, I love the papillion and bedfords, but have resisted getting on (esp. bedford) because I have heard the am hard to get thought it too small for me....well I finally used my CB pap for the first time this weekend and am loving it!!! But it has the nice flap and large opening.

    So, my question is I know bedfords are really hard to get are pap's??

    I am really thinking I would like a damier one...but don't want to get it to end of hating it, 'cuz I can't find anything.

  2. I have the damier 30....I don't find it that hard to get in and out the fact that it isn't really deep makes it easy to fnd things. Often I'll hold it by one strap and that makes the opening bigger....but even when I'm driving and digging around in it, I have no problem finding stuff.
  3. bedford scratch me when putting things's not that bag...the opening is tight, but I can get my wapity in there!
  4. This is a bag i think i'm going to try on before I buy. I'd like to get this in damier but will make my way into LV first.
  5. I have the damier 26 no problems & holds lots
  6. I have the Damier 30 and love it - and I dont have any problems getting into it or finding things in it.
  7. I had a 30, I liked how it held it's shape :yes: . It's not that it's so hard to get into the bag, but it just doesn't open up'll always scratch your watch/bracelet/rings getting in and out of it :sad: .
  8. Thanks everyone :smile:
  9. I have the Damier 30. I love the size. It's not heavy, yet holds a lot. I do not find it difficult to get in & out of. In fact, it's easy to find things in the bag because of the shape, at least for me it is.
  10. I don't have one, but it is definitely on the wishlist. I'm leaning towards damier, but that can change at the moment of purchase, you know! :p
  11. I can relate to what you're saying, because I have the CB papillon too! I love the large going from that to a normal papillon is a big difference I think. I also have the damier 26, it's no problem using both hands, but with just one - you're bound to scratch your watch from getting things. This doesn't deter me from wanting more paps though!

    My ultimate aim (after visiting this forum :true:smile: is to collect all 18 bedfords :whistle:
  12. i have damier papillon 26 and a bedford...i don't have any problems with the problem is sometimes it doesn't retain it's shape :confused1:
  13. the Papillon 30 is much easier to get into, because the canvas is softer than the Vernis leather
  14. Yeah I think the Paps should be a lot easier to get into because they're nowhere near as structured as the Bedfords.
  15. I have the pap 30. LOVE it. It's not hard to get into, and it holds a lot for its even holds more than my petit bucket!