Papillion 30 v. Speedy 25

  1. I have the LV papillion 30 but I feel like its a little bit trendy because of its shape so I don't use it too much. I really like the speedy 25 & I'm thinking of selling my papillion 30 and getting a speedy.

    1) Do you guys think that the papillion is trendy? Speedy v. Papillion: which do you like better?

    2) Why is the papillion 30 so much more expensive than the speedy? I would think the speedy would be more expensive since its bigger & a more classic piece.

    Do you think I should sell my papillion & get a speedy? Opinions please! :smile:
  2. i just got my Damier Papillon 30, and i absolutely love it :love::love:! and i think it's classic because of its shape, and the canvas, regardless of Mono or Damier.

    i think the Papillon 30 costs more because it comes with the little baby Papillon too.

    i would say keep the Papillon. even though i have a month-old Mono Speedy 25, i think it's actually becoming too common/overrated.
  3. Hi
    I have both. I don't know about the trendy part. This bag first came out in 1966. It's not as practical. There are no pockets, no key ring. I don't think it hold as much. Have only used mine a couple of times. I feel so conspicuous with it....the 30 does have the mini papillon, which is a great plus. Try to get it on ebay and people refuse to sell you the bag with the little papillon and try to sell it separately.
  4. Both the pap and speedy are classic, IMHO. The pap is more expensive due to the leather lining.
  5. I love my speedy 25. It's such a classic shape, and my things fit beautifully. I'd love to get my hands on a damier papillon 30, though. I think they're stunning. :o)
  6. I have both and I love both! Sorry I can't be of more help... :love:
  7. The speedy 25 is a bit more practial. The papilion is nice,but its too structured for my taste it depends on the person. I love little sag speedy's have.
  8. :yes:
  9. I prefer the shape of the speedy over the papillion, the papillion is more expensive due to the leather lining. :biggrin::flowers:
  10. i also prefer the speedy over the papillon
  11. I Love The Papillon......It's My Absolute Favorite! You May Want To Try Something Different...The Speedy Is Such A Fabulous Bag!!!!! :smile:
  12. Both! They are must haves...
  13. Although I don't have a papillon 30, I still think it's beautiful and a true classic, not trendy at all.
  14. I don't have a papillon but I love it. I would take a speedy over a pap though.
  15. I love them both. I would keep the Papillion and get the speedy also.