Papillion 30 from let-trade

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    The papillion 30 he is selling, how does it look to you guys for the price. Also in pic 22 can anyone tell me if the bubble on the inside of the bag is normal? I want to get this so I don't have to worry about the vachetta
  2. that looks like a good price and the bag appears to be in good condition. I didn't see any bubbling, well, it looks kind of like it's bubbled, but that is from the canvas just being pressed in on the other side.
  3. I don't see the papillon =[
  4. nevermind I do. It looks great. It's the one where the handles don't patina =]

  5. 13th row from top, item V50 :yes:
  6. I love this papillon version
  7. I also love this Pap version :yes:
    Yes, you dont have to worry about the patina :yes: that's great :yahoo:
    IMO, price is OK ;)
    I didnt see the bubble and my Pap (in this version) has no bubbling as well :yes:
  8. It's in picture 22 in the inside. It looks like it's from the handles curving around
  9. I've had my eyes on that one for awhile...I think it's a good price, and the bag is in good condition, except for, as you stated, in picture looks as if the inside canvas is bubbling?? The outside of the bag looks good though, and the mini papillon is included which is good...if you don't use it, you could always sell it for around $90 and get some of your money back!

    If pic 22 doesn't bug you, get it!
  10. ^^ that is not normal?:sad:
  11. Normal on a brand new/mint condition bag, no. My papillon does not have that bubbling...seems to be caused by the strap outside.
    Normal wear? I'm assuming, yes.
  12. Ok, those of you have the same version or even the newer version do you see the same effect? If it is due to normal wear and tear I'm fine with it and may go ahead and buy it
  13. I was looking at that bag too but I asked the seller some questions and they said its not bubbles at the bottom of the bag. Its actually uneven leather in the bottom of the lining. Also there are are minor scratches on the handles. I really like the bag because of the non-changing leather but I think I'll pass on it.