Papillion 30 and 26!

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  1. Hi all!!

    Well, I'm thinking about getting the Pap 30 this Saturday when I go to Boston.

    My question is, do you love this bag? Do you wear it on your shoulder? Does it fit comfortably, or does it feel like a big bulge under your arm?

    I think it's such a classic shape and really want to try it out.

    How about the 26 owners...can you get the bag on your shoulder?

    I've looked through both reference threads and believe it or not there are only like 3 or 4 paps!!

    Thanks for the info everyone!!
  2. I have a 26 in mono and I love it. It was maybe the 5th or 6th bag I got and I've had it since 2002. The only thing I would've done differently is get it in Damier. Couldn't make the switch to Damier early on in my LV relationship.

    Anyhow, the bag holds quite a bit and for some reason is easier for me to handle than my Speedys in 25. You can't carry two handles on the shoulder but you can kinda loop one under the other then put that one handle on your shoulder (hope that makes sense).

    I don't find any of the problems that people talk about (lopsidedness, hard to get in and out of) to be a problem. The one that is def. true is that the bags rolls off your chairn when driving and generally does roll around.

    I posted pix of what mine can hold in the "What's in your bag?" thread.

    I actually love my Pap more than my Speedys. To me it is a "hip" and fun bag and I wear it when I want to feel fiunky. Out of of all my older bags I use her the most. Someday I would love to get a Bedford and Soufflot (but they're sooo expensive!) to add to my collection.

    Best of luck in your decision!
  3. I have a Pap 30, and used it when I went to Europe this Spring. Great bag. Couldn't quite carry it on my shoulder, but liked it anyway. Had plenty of room in it for everything. I'd recommend it over the 26.

    Enjoy your decision making process!
  4. I just bought the Damier Papillon 30 about two weeks ago. I bought it to use in the fall but I had to give it a test drive. It fits on my shoulder quite easily now but I don't know if it will in winter with my fat ski jacket, but I don't care. It can go out in any weather and looks fab. The handles are real comfortable and I have room for everything I need. Hope this helps.
  5. Wow! This is some great info!! Thanks ladies!

    Well, I think the pap 30 is 12" long and the 26 is 10.5" long, so I can fit my stuff in both probably, but the thing for me is I want to be able to wear it on my shoulder comfortably.
  6. Can anybody can take a pic of it on your shoulder? :tender::tender::tender:
  7. you should consider a soufflot too Traci! I have it and it fits over my shoulder..and I also do the one strap trick as well if I'm wearing something bulky.
  8. Traci: I am 5'5 and about a US size 8. I cannot fit the pap 30 comfortably on my shoulder with both straps. HOWEVER...what I do, is loop one of the straps through the other and wear it on my shoulder with one strap.

    That said...I personally would go for the 30! I have the CB papillon (which is tad smaller)...and I prefer the 30. In addition...I have to say that I LOVE this bag (I've always been a barrel bag fan) can wear it handheld, in the crook of your arm, or over your shoulder!!! Plus you get the free Mini-pap which you can use in other bags as a makeup bag!
  9. Shoot...i KNOW I have pics in the reference thread with it on my shoulder (both ways...two straps & one strap)! I'll see if I can dig it up :smile:
  10. These are old pics and I'm in my jammies LOL




    Even the Mini pap can be worn on it's own LOL

  11. The one strap way is better IMHO...because it allows you to push the pap back a little...otherwise your arm will squish it and deform it (although it's shape bounces right back)!
  12. ^^Thanks Twiggs!!

    I see what you mean about the straps. I am hoping that it will be okay on my shoulder. My arms are thin so I think I should be okay with it.

    I guess the 26 will definitely not fit on the shoulder then! LOL!
  13. Are the papillion's straps longer than the soufflets', does anyone know?
  14. I own the Damier Pap 30 and love it has a handbag. It doesn't fit or look comfortable as a shoulder bag. It's a very roomy bag. Plus if you get the 30, it comes with the baby pap! I'm 5'6" and size 4/6 if that helps.
  15. i had a damier pap 30 and sold it ... it drove me crazy when my stuff in the pap kept moving around when i carried it. I also had a mono pap 26 which is the perfect size i ended up selling it cuz i wanted a damier. i do now have a pap 19 which is very cute to use on a nitely outing. i can not use a pap 30 or 26 over the shoulder.