papillion 26 mono vs!!

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  1. hi guys , I'm so happy I've found you yay!
    today is the day for me , I have to make up my mind and I'm still penduling between the mono and damier papillion 26. I like them both, but I feel an inconstant attraction for the damier :smile: ...and I like the mono too:wacko: , but I can afford only one for the time being:sad2: .in 2 years I'll hopefully be a dentist in the US (I'm a border and a foreign educated dentist) and I'll raise the sells departament at LV and Hermes:amuse: . Anyhow, it's a long way untill then and I 'd really appreciate your help with my dilemma "damier or mono",you guys seem to have so much of a good taste. thank you
  2. I own the damier papillon 26 and just love it. There is no maintenance with the leather and it looks great with everything. What are you more drawn to the mono or damier?
  3. i think the mono is really classical but the damier is really elagant more professional looking. That's how i feel. I have the papillion 26 in monogram and its cute. I love that bag. So i think it depends on your lifestyle. Like are you always dressed up? things like that will help you choose your purse!!

    tell us what you choose...
  4. damier! damier! damier! :smile: I love the papillon in damier. it is definately on my list of bags to own.
  5. The damier is def. looking better on papillon!
  6. true that! I think the papillion looks good in damier , it has that" je ne sais qua" of a bag
  7. damier without question
  8. Definitely the damier. I'd love one of those. It's #2 on my wish list. :smile:
  9. omg , it seems like the damier is the winner...thank you guys, I knew you're awesome
  10. Damier! I have one and I love it.
  11. damier all the way.
  12. Someone once told me, damier was made more for men and it has always stuck in my head. Now, I find the damier to unfeminine...
  13. Damier!!!
  14. i have a damier papillon and i absolutely LOVE it...its a very subtle and elegant pattern...and only true purse lovers will knows its a louis
  15. I have the same bag in Damier as well and as serendipity said I love that it's low-maintenance.