papillion 26 mono vs!!


Feb 12, 2006
hi guys , I'm so happy I've found you yay!
today is the day for me , I have to make up my mind and I'm still penduling between the mono and damier papillion 26. I like them both, but I feel an inconstant attraction for the damier :smile: ...and I like the mono too:wacko: , but I can afford only one for the time being:sad2: .in 2 years I'll hopefully be a dentist in the US (I'm a border and a foreign educated dentist) and I'll raise the sells departament at LV and Hermes:amuse: . Anyhow, it's a long way untill then and I 'd really appreciate your help with my dilemma "damier or mono",you guys seem to have so much of a good taste. thank you
i think the mono is really classical but the damier is really elagant more professional looking. That's how i feel. I have the papillion 26 in monogram and its cute. I love that bag. So i think it depends on your lifestyle. Like are you always dressed up? things like that will help you choose your purse!!

tell us what you choose...