Paper training tips???

  1. Hi all - we are expecting our cavalier puppy next Saturday and I'm trying to sort out the best way to paper train her.:confused1:

    I have seen litter trays etc but I didnt know if she would think that was a game and throw litter everywhere.

    I am thinking of spreading newspaper everywhere in "her" area and then putting a puppy pad in one corner, eventually lessening the newspaper and leaving the puppy pad.

    Any thoughts? :idea:
  2. they sell puppy pads that are treated with a scent that makes them want to go on the pad.
  3. ^^^ agree. I never did the newpaper thing, b/c when I got my dog, he was already somewhat papertrained w/ the puppy pads. I decided to stick w/ it, especially after reading that newspaper training can actually train dogs to go on magazines, papers, etc, once they are older. Don't know if it is true, but that would be icky to put the newspaper you are reading down and find a mess!

    Personally, I'd do just the puppy pad in her area.
  4. Also, only use the "wee pads" when you are not at home. When you are home take your dog outside very often. If you catch your puppy in the act, get his/her attention by calling there name and immediately take them outside. Take them to the same spot everytime, and use a "potty" word that you choose. If they don't go, they should go in their crate for a few more minutes, then back outside. You have to be consistant, and until they are potty trained, they should not be allowed outside their crate unless they are being watched.

    Good luck!
  5. I use newspaper. When I got him and tried the pee pads he would shred them and have them all over the house, but not touch the paper. I put it(the paper) in the bathroom near the door, or you can do a laundry, wherever you plan to put him, and when you see them sniffing around take him to the paper or outside. My dog will go on the paper when I am not home. (sometimes even when I am).

    They also have stuff you can spay that will teach them to go in select areas.

    If you have the space, I would try the puppy litter. I wanted to try that with mine, but he was already used to the paper and it confused him. If you buy it at like say PetsSmart, if it doesn't work, you do't like it, just return it for you money back.

    You can also buy butcher paper if yo don't want the ink from the npapers on the floor.
  6. They dont sell puppy litter in Australia sadly.

    Can you just use cat litter?

    I will look into the butcher paper - thanks Ladybug!
  7. i tried the litter, but my puppy wanted to eat it lol so i use pee pads and they work fine...
  8. You're welcome and yes you probably could use kitty litter and a very low box.
  9. Try Pish Pads. They are widely used in the show dog world. Absorbs the pee pee quickly so your doggie's paws are not wet. Also, I heard good things about Wiz Dog. If your dog was trained on newspaper, perhaps you can put newspaper into the Wiz Dog tray.

    Good Luck!

  10. Thanks for this info. I may try the wizdog with the newspaper.
  11. Okay - I've bought the wizdog - now waiting for it to arrive in the xmas speed post!
  12. Try to get rid of the paper/pads as soon as you can. I don't believe in paper training, I feel that you are teaching puppy it's ok to "go" in the house. I'm a crate trainer, but each to their own. I know many people who'd dogs at well over a year of age will still not go to the bathroom outside and if they can be forced to go it will only be if they lay a paper down first. Also when you do take puppy outside to "go" make sure you get her used to going on lots of different surfaces-grass, cement, gravel ect...
    as I also know dogs that won't pee on anything but gravel and if your in a park and that dog has to go, your going to be looking for rocks to pile up under her. All the best with the training, it's not easy but consistency:tup: is really the key!
  13. Haha..yay!! Please update us on your Wiz Dog reviews once you try it out! I never personally tried Wiz Dog..I use Pish Pads (b/c my puppy's breeder I stuck w/ it) but I heard many great reviews about Wiz Dog! Good Luck!

    ragamuffin- i cant speak for others so i am just guessing but I think some people use paper/pad training b/c their dogs are small, "indoor" dogs? In my case, my puppy is a very small maltese. I walk my maltese on weekends but daily, she goes on pish pads. I also do the crate training..I believe in crates..but I think you can combine crating and pads training..jmho!!

  14. Yeah, I have a Yorkie, and he prefers to go outside, and I will take him out, but if I am not home to let him out, he will go on the paper in the bathroom. I did the crate thing when he was younger, but now, he will only go outside, or on the paper. He can't hold it forever. Also, I don't have the space to keep a crate out at all times.
  15. My guy full grown is only a 15 pound boston terrier, who is a big time house dog. There are many different ways to train, crate is what has always worked for us. The little guy for won't pee on anything but gravel is a toy poodle. Dogs can be funny animals :rolleyes:.