Paper tags on a hardcase LV

  1. I am considering the purchase of a beautiful LV beauty case. I love the piece it is gorgeous and in excellent condition. Only one thing keeps me from buying it, the paper tag with the numbers is missing.

    I have no doubts about authenticity, but would this present problems in the future should I decide to resell sometime in the future ? Is the tag important to collectors.

    Please pardon my ignorance, your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much !
  2. You're talking about this, right?


    I have seen a few of these hard-sided cases without these, so I think you'd be ok. I dunno if I read/heard it somewhere that they come off kinda easily after a while? :shrugs:

    When/if you decide to resell it in the future, just be sure to say that it wasn't there when you purchased it from the other seller and take as many detailed pics as possible. ;)
  3. You'll be OK for resale. It's gorgeous....don't think you'd want to part with it!
  4. I think it should be ok too! Not a big deal!
  5. no biggie. Anyone who knows about LV knows what theyre buying and theres TONS if you were to sell it.
  6. That beauty case is gorgeous
    My advice is to call any Louis Vuitton store and ask them
    they will be very happy to answer i am sure
  7. for me not a big deal at all ! i think all LV cases are to die for...
    absolutely a collectable pieces !!!