Paper/ Presentation

  1. Okay, so im doing an informative speach for one of my classes and i chose How To Tell If A Louis Vuitton Is Counterfeit. I have to keep my speech to 20-25 minutes. ive decided that im going to talk about the Classic Monogram.... if i talked about each line, id be there for forever and a day. anyways, im going to talk about the
    monogram itself
    what the LV + fleurs should look like

    leather and stitching
    how many stitches should be where


    date code
    what it means
    how placement of the datecode varies from year to year

    oh, and those awful yellow cards and hang tags counterfeiters use.

    is there anything else thats super important i should mention? keep in mind- i only have 20-25 minutes
  2. Monogram:
    -How LV's are never cut off, but is unavoidable on certain styles

    Leather and stitching:
    -The color of the stitching
    -What LV vachetta should look like [I had to do a lot of my homework before I could get good at this]

    -Can vary from beige alcantra, raspberry alcantra, to brown canvas lining

    -You have to be familiar with the bag style in order to tell if the shape is off or not

    Trademark heat stamp:
    -It should have a specific font
    -Location can vary from a square piece of leather to the side of the bag on the leather, to being on a leaf like the Speedy
    -O's in Louis Vuitton shouldn't look like zeros

    -A few different styles over the years
    -Current dustbag is tan and has "LOUIS VUITTON" written across it

    -Screws that LV uses [6 point screws, not 4]

    Date Code:
    -Doesn't guarantee authenticity
    -Specific font that LV uses
    -There are LV factories in France, Spain, USA, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland

    Red flags for fakes/other info on spotting fakes:
    -White paper wrapping around hardware
    -Just because a bag has a receipt doesn't guarantee authenticity... receipts are easily counterfeited now-a-days
  3. I'd also make a mention of where the profits of counterfeit items have been known to go to (organized crime, drug rings, terrorism, etc.), maybe as a take home message. My Poupette has info on that too...and a lot of other sites as well.
  4. ^ thanks John 5 and Lvbabydoll. i want to cover as much as possible, but my teacher said that if i go over the alotted time he will take off 1 letter grade:sad:
  5. I just took my comm class last semester! We had to do a persuasive & informative..each 15-20mins...blegh! Well it looks like you got some good info..Good luck on your speech!!
  6. Good luck on your speech. I think you have pretty much everything covered with the help of other tpfrs. Now you that you have all the info you need to focus on making it interesting and to the point. Practise in front of a video camera a few times. You'll be able to watch yourself afterwards and be your own critic. This will help you with timing too. Are you allowed to use visual aids? If you are you'll be able to produce some good stuff.
  7. Also to add:

    Glazing [the red stuff at the end of the leather] It shouldn't be a dull red, but more of a candy apple red if the bag is new.
  8. well, right now i cant make any powerpoint for my presentation because Dell just sent me a new hard drive for my computer (my old one got a virus:crybaby:) and my new one doesnt have any microsoft office installed. so im on the phone right now trying to get them to give me the product key so i can do my powerpoint!!!!!! tech support is so frustrating:mad:
  9. I totally agree with this part. You should cover more on this area and then authentication part fun and short as a treat. Be informative about the economy, how it effects jobs and illegal sweat shops around the world. End your summery by encouraging others to fight back and don't buy a fake.:okay:

  10. Good luck on your speech!!
  11. ooh i remember having to do this speech. i was a comm major at USC, but i just graduated in may. good luck! looks like you got plenty of info from your fellow tPFers.
  12. Good luck on your speech! Let us know how you do!
  13. We had to pick the same topic for the entire semester in speech & I wanted to do mine on louis vuitton & fakes but I didn’t think it would go over too well with the people in my class. So I ended up picking the history & commercialization of Halloween; while I’m still interested in the topic I would rather do louis vuitton.
  14. OMG I hate doing presentations. I get so nervous and always mess up.. Good luck!
  15. thanks everyone. im sure it will go alright. alot of people are excited about my speech.

    i actually had a speech today. i was super nervous because i didnt know like anything on the topic- the school systems in my area. but for this speech i think i'll do okay because i know it