Paper napkin and my MC speedy

  1. I have this really great lotion that I discovered through my boyfriend. It keeps my hands soft all day long. The downside to this lotion is that for the first hour or so after you apply it ---it leaves your hands slighty oily. Nothing major but as we all know oily lotion is a no-no when you don't want to darken your patina

    So today after I left home grabbed a paper napkin and I have been carrying my speedy with napkins wrapped around the handle. I got some funny looks at the car wash or Maybe it was just in my head. But I don't care. Anything to save the vachetta on my black speedy.


    Just had to share. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  2. Sounds like a good idea. I have a scarf on my speedy so my hands do not come in contact with the handles. I know I have gotten looks, but hey, it's my bag.
  3. Teehee, I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking about lotion and handles! I think about that too.
  4. You're not alone....I carry my handbag on my arm, until my hands are oilfree!
  5. ha ha very creative! we'll do anything for louis!
  6. I almost carried my mc keepall with a napkin or some kind of cloth so it wouldnt be noticeable of course because I was so afraid it would ruin the handles lol but i never did carry it with that and its fine! its my favorite bag i own
  7. I do that as well! :yes: If I put lotion on and then have to pick up my bag I do a balancing act of not putting my hands in contact with the vachetta.
  8. I got a few crazy looks the other day
    I popped into KFC for a quick snack I pulled a chair over for my bag placed a napkin on the seat my bag on top and then covered my bag in napkins (in case of stray chicken) there was a girl watching me like I was crazy.....please tell me I'm not the only one who does this????

  9. I have also put a napkin down on a chair. I just haven't covered my bag yet.:yes:
  10. I see nothing wrong with it. I want to keep my bags in top condition. But most imprtant I want to enjoy them!
  11. Suggestion: put lotion on the tops of your hands only and rub them (the tops) together. Your palms really don't need lotion since they don't usually face up towards the elements. If lotion gets on your palms, put some Purell antibacterial gel on them, then use your napkin to wipe all away. I carry Purell everywhere-- keeps my hands clean, and keeps my LV handles from getting dirty (clean hands, clean handles!). That way, you can carry your bags proudly without looking like a germaphobe (like that character Monk, from the detective TV series!).
  12. I do all of these things. I was eating in Wendy's last week and put several napkins down on the seat for my bag.
  13. I use lotion sparingly, but I always use Purell before handling my speedy. I always use Purell everytime my hands come in contact with greasy food.:smile:
  14. The purell thing is a really good idea, but as of right now I just sold my speedy so no vachetta to worry about!

    But cute story... whatever ya gotta do! haha
  15. That's what I do too! :P