Paper Fortunes

  1. Hey girls.. Need a little help. Can you remember the names of those paper gadgets we used to make? here is a pic: Barely There® I do remember the boys calling them cootie catchers.. but, what the heck is the real name? :yahoo:
  2. Wow I remember those! I just checked out that site you listed and it told me a diamond is in my future! That's one good future :P I really can't remember the name of them for the life of me though.
  3. Would it be origami?
  4. The art of it is called origami.. I know the boys in school called them cootie catchers.. ha ha but, the girls called them something else.. so, why do I remember the silly name from the boys?... :yucky:
  5. i got a holiday home is in my future.. haha i cant remeber what they are called either..

    ahhh square thing... hahaha
  6. haha..i remember those...but not the name!!

    mine says to ask for something i've been wanting! :graucho:...and then i did it again and it said "a diamond is in your future"

  7. We just called them fortune tellers!?!
  8. ^^me too...i don't know what else they might be called.
  9. Uhm...don't know if that helps but we call them beaks in icelandic, as in a birds beak.
  10. We called them cootie catchers, too...not just the boys...sometimes fortune tellers.
  11. Honestly, I don't remember what they were called either. I just remember making them all the time.
  12. Wow - that brings back memories! I don't remember ever calling them anything, though. I made bunches of those in the 4th - 5th grades, I think.
  13. My kids are really into these.... but I just called home to ask the name...and got an uncertain answer....origami future! Anyway...maybe that is what the kids in Asia call them!!!
  14. I just played and it said a vacation house was in my future... well, DUH, of course! LOL, j/k.
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