Paper Denim & Cloth. Jeans!

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  1. Okay, so I just recently stepped into my Saks outlet a few days ago and ALL the Paper Denim & Cloth. jeans were going for $49.99! They were very pretty but I have some questions before I take the plunge (I have never bought designer jeans before and I didnt have time to try them on) --

    • Are they worth it?
    • Do they compliement a lack of booty (lol)?
    • Are they comfortable?
    • Are they true to size?
    • Do they shrink?
    • Do they run long? I am only 5'2.
    Thanks for any help!
  2. I have a pair that I really like. But I think it's individual -- you really NEED to try them on to see which size and style look best on you.

    In my experience they ran just a little big (I got one size down from what I wear in a lot of other designers) and were the right length -- I'm 5'4. I wish I had the "lack of bootie" problem, but don't so am always looking for something to DE-emphasize that, lol. Make sure to get stretch fabric (at least 2% lycra) and they will not shrink and will stretch to fit.

    Anyway, I'd try em on, that's a good deal:smile:
  3. I have some, but I can tell you from trying on several pairs, that different ones will fit differently, so you will just have to try them on ans see if you like them on you. They are great jeans, and hold up well, so I would say they are worth it. And $49 is a great deal!
  4. ^ Thank you girls! Well they sound like what I want so when I get the chance I'm going back up there and making it a point to try them on!
  5. All designer jeans run long IMO . . . I'm also 5'2" and I have to take every pair in for alterations. . . I'm talking 6"!!!
  6. what size are you? i have 5 pairs (1 new without tag, 1 new with tag) size 24-25. i was gonna give them away on ebay/jean forum cuz i can't stand them! i used to love them but i havent worn them in years.
  7. oh and i think 49.99 for pd&c is too much. you can get them on ebay for a lot less. dailydenim always has tons on ebay ending for like 10-20 bucks.
  8. ^Must be careful about fakes though, yes?
  9. i dont really think pd&c is much faked. i've only seen fake rippers. dailydenim is a good bet for cheap auth pd&c though.
  10. ^^omg ally! how come u can't stand them? those are my sizes!!!!!!
  11. i think other brands are a lot better... i was gonna list them on ebay starting at 99c but if anyone wants them, just send me a PM and i'll send you photos. you just pay for shipping & paypal fees. i figure that is about $8/pair?
  12. i have two pairs and i love, love, love them. you really do have to try on the different styles and even sizes because they do fit differently - the 100% cotton fit tighter than the 98/2% elastin do so you may find yourself wearing 2 different sizes. agree that ebay has some great deals so go try them on in the store and then see if you can find a deal on ebay!
  13. ^^ Thanks for all the info Ally! I may resort to eBay but it seems like such a hassle for me. Theres no trust anymore, even with the "reputable" sellers :sad: I trust tPF members though. If you still have them to give away let me know.

    I'm also a size 24, but since Mandy said they run a little big I saw some 23's that I was going to go for.
  14. i dont think they run big at all... but different styles probably run different. i'll pm you once i have all my photos ready.
  15. Same here, :yucky: ...5"4" blessed with a teensy 30" inseam on a good day. $49 for PDC sounds amazing!!