Papeete Owners: some questions

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  1. hi! it seems to me that Papeete has great color saturation - how does that translate in terms of jeans dye transfer / dirt on corners / etc? I certainly don't sling my bbags onto the ground, etc, but I also don't like to have to worry too much about them...

    also, do you all think Papeete is a better color for a small-ish bag, since it's kind of bright? How wearable would the color be on a bigger bag - Work / PT / Courier?

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. I love my Papeete city to death. As I said in another post I almost hit a car while staring at it in my passenger seat :smile: I have carried it twice so is brand new so I have not seen any transfer and I have worn my dark Seven's. IMO City or PT would be the best others may have some input. Spring/Summer is coming sometime not sure when though. BUT She will shine in the sun.

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  3. hi Crazyinlv - I love your city too! :smile: thnx for your input!
  4. I bought the Pompon for my niece. Carries it all the time. No colour transfer. The pompon is a big bag and absolutely beautiful in this colour - not bright at all. Just a wonderful pop of colour - especially wearable during spring and summer.
  5. I have the Papeete GSH City and I love it!! Have only carried a few times since it's quite new but I have not noticed any transfer either.

    I think this color is great on a City or PT, but could probably work on a First too. I'm a City lover so maybe I'm a little Here is a pic of me carrying it for your reference.


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  6. purses&pugs> Gorgeous papeete there!
  7. I'm thinking of getting it in Town style.
  8. I just got a cp. I'm not brave enough to buy it as a bag. Even though the color is really pretty and looks pretty practical.
  9. I love bright colors in small sizes. That's just me though. I would also like to have a color like Papeete in a City, but I know I'd hardly wear it. I've had a Seafoam and Vert Deau City and never wore them - just stared at and adored them.

    After so many years of collecting, I have found that personally, brighter colors should be in small sizes (so that I'll actually wear them). The Drum is a small size, and I love it in bright colors! My Citys are in either darker or neutral colors since I like to switch them out nearly every day.

    Guess it depends on what you're comfortable with.
  10. There were photos of a Papeete Pompon on one of the other threads, maybe the HGBAGS thread. It's a knockout, just fantastic looking.

    How 'wearable' it is depends 100% on the person. If you feel self-conscious with a big non-neutral bag, then you shouldn't buy one. I love to carry a lot of 'in your face' gorgeous colored leather - I've just ordered a Papeete PT & was even considering the Papeete Large Sunday Tote...
  11. hey all

    ven8 - lucky niece!! Someone on tPF has a Papeete pompon too and I thought it looked great...

    pursesnpugs - i think SGH on Papeete is fantastic - you look really great with it in the City!

    abitobling - yes I think the Town would work well - not too big not too small

    AndieLiz- see, that's what I was wondering. I wonder if it's so well saturated, it might be a pretty practical color

    RERE - I totally agree. I was thinking of a bigger bag (because that's what I need right now) but it might be too overwhelming in a bright green - for me, anyway. I'm generally pretty subdued in terms of color/dress....

    k, THANKS guys....
  12. I loveeeeeee my papeete! corners aren't dirty yet. no color transfer at all! survived the nyc blizzard yesterday just fine :biggrin:
  13. beyoootiful papeete bags!!! i just adore the colour :smile:
  14. missfluffycat -- yeah, I think maybe I'm not one of those people who can carry of a big bag in a POP color. Sigh. I wish I were...

    hannahsophia -- isn't it amazing how careful we are with our bbags in weather conditions, but really, they're pretty glad you love your papeete!

    I'm thinking about the Ticket.....hmmmmm ;)
  15. just bought a gsh papeete city from erica, my first bbag ever. so excited!