Paparazzi!!! How would you like to face this every time you step out?!

  1. :nuts:
    victoria-beckham-ny-fashion-week-06.jpg victoria-beckham-ny-fashion-week-17.jpg
  2. I wouldn't like it, therefore I'd live my life VERY differnetly than she does. I think a lot of celebs get off on it and make themselves availble to it.
  3. Those are insane pictures! Can you imagine if one of those photographers tripped....they would all fall like dominos!:Push:
  4. I have too many bad hair days for that kinda shizz.
  5. I wouldn't like it at all. I would feel like my life doesn't belong to me anymore: what I say, what I wear, and where I go.
    I imagine it's a hard struggle with celebs though- they get frustrated with their privacy if they get too much attention yet they probably would get frustrated if nobody cared and paid any attention at all!
  6. I would pay to see that!!!:lol:
  7. Ditto!!
  8. oo man! that's INTENSE..i wonder who was behind her? :P

    did anyone watch tyra show when she walked out on the street with nicole richie...that was scary too!
  9. That's an outfit that she wore to one of the fashion shows this week, maybe Marc Jacobs?
  10. I think i'd have a heart attack.
  11. I think you have to be in therapy to go through this sort of thing every day, every night, every waking moment. can't even blow your nose without 148 pictures taken about it, and then you get on for it. Yikes!!!!
  12. I cant imagine how they possibly do it! But a lot of celebrties manage somehow to stay hidden:smile:
  13. i guess that's the way you have fame and fortune. Be horrible to be a celebrity and not have any popularity.
  14. ^^ ditto :girlsigh:
  15. Which celeb is that? Is it Nicole?