paparazzi-girl (the former monaco-babe) has a new eBay ID!!!

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  1. Gina, who runs the monaco-babe and paparazzi-girl victims website, along with other people who have been scammed by Natalya (under her current eBay ID paparazzi-girl, or her former one, monaco-babe), has informed me that Natalya has been found to have yet another eBay alias ID:


    One of her victims left a comment referring to the website (above) in her paparazzi-girl feedback - so Natalya appears to be attempting to build up positive feedback with a new ebay ID!!!

    Please check out this thread for more info on Natalya and to read what happened when she visited this forum:

    Also, please check out the monaco-babe victims website for testimonials and a disturbing message from Natalya, herself. :shocked:

    Please be very careful, everyone!!! :flowers:
  2. Thank you, chloehandbags. It's hard to keep ahead of them, isn't it?
  3. ^ No problem, boxermom! :biggrin:

    Never a truer word spoken...
  4. She is a FREAK!!! Never ending scammer! Unbelievable!
  5. ^ I know. :yes:

    She appears to have absolutely no shame, whatsoever! :shrugs:
  6. It was like reading a crIme novel when I came across the website dedicated to her!! I wonder what she looks like?
  7. ^ Good question. :yes:

    I saw, what I assume to be, her upper torso reflected in one of her pics, once and she appeared to be wearing a Chloe top.

    Which is odd, considering she seems to think Chloe items are rubbish! I think the item 'for sale' was a Chloe bag, though. So maybe she realised it was reflective and dressed accordingly?!! :lol:
  8. LOL that is funny...I just want to smack her!! lol (that is not her in her aviater pic is it???)
  9. ^ I think you'd have to join a long line! :biggrin:

    No, I don't think so. Isn't that Erin O'Connor? :shrugs:
  10. is she also ....the shoes that were danced to pieces?
  11. ^ Yes, amongst quite a few others. :yes:

    ETA: Although, that ID doesn't appear on the website, for some reason, does it? :shrugs: I think it did previously, though. :yes:

    I can't be absolutely definite, but it certainly seems extremely likely that that is her, doesn't it?
  12. :nuts:
    :nuts: Her auction for the Dior men's jacket has about 4-5 full-body pics of her (although she wisely) blacked out the face! You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the listing though --which you should do as fast as possible anyway because her prose is awful...:banned:
  13. ^^ I thought it was, but couldn't be sure...the person has the same style of auction....I was tempted to bid on one of her items and saw she had all positive feedback...I wonder how she does that!..But I did remember reading somewhere that it was another id of natalya so I didn't bid.
  14. She is a porfessional scammer..she could be a robber!
  15. :lol:

    It's certainly elaborate! :biggrin: The first part reads as though it was copied, almost directly, from a book/article about Pete Doherty. :yes: