Paparazzi Caused Halle Berry Car Crash

  1. Oscar winner HALLE BERRY has accused the paparazzi of forcing her off the road while she was driving in Hollywood - two days after announcing she was pregnant.
    The actress reveals she suddenly became a target after telling the world she was expecting her first child, but the army of photographers that started following her everywhere overstepped the mark when they caused her to crash into a wall.
    She says, "I got into a car accident because the paparazzi chased me."
    Berry was furious when the snappers stuck around after the accident to get photographs of her car being towed away - and then lied about the crash, so publications would print the pictures.
    She fumes, "They said, 'Oh, Halle Berry's car is being towed because she was illegally parked.' No! It was crashed because the paparazzi chased me into a wall.
    "There I was stuck with my crashed-up car wondering if this somehow impacted my pregnancy and feeling totally helpless and violated.
    "I thought, 'Oh my God, I hope this jolt and this bang hasn't done anything to me internally.'"

  2. OMG I would be furious! Could she sue the paparazzi or something??
  3. stupid paparazzi. i hope her baby is ok.
  4. OMG! I get that it's their job and when you become a celebrity it's in the territory but for Pete's sake!! Does these people have a brain in their head that photo's are not worth someone's life?

    I hope her and her baby are alright.
  5. I heard that she is just fine...just really shaken up. Unfortunatly the paprazzi are so hungry for that "one shot" that they will do anything to get it and to get the picture of the celeb getting all pissed off. I totally feel for her and hope that things like this don't actually cause an accident where someone gets really really hurt.

    She is so graceful though and has handled the situation really well.