Papa Joe -- No One Puts Ashlee in a Corner!

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  1. TMZ:
    [​IMG]Joe Simpson got all thugged-out Sunday night in Vegas, when a security guard allegedly shoved his daughter Ashlee into a wall.

    Rush & Molloy report that Ashlee, boyfriend Pete Wentz and Joe were trying to maneuver their way out of a nightclub when Wentz got shoved by a security guard, "knocking Ashlee against a wall." That's when Big Joe went nuts and tried to protect Ashlee, making that throat-slitting gesture in the process. "When somebody messes with my baby, then it's over!" he told R&M.

    Ever the classy guy, Simpson said the fracas started because the bouncers were "just mad they make $12 an hour." Unlike getting paid a few pennies more by your own daughters.
  2. I wonder why in the world he would say that about the bouncers wages?? Thats ridiculous!!
  3. he's such a tool J!!!
  4. All 3 of them annoy me...
  5. What a jerk.
  6. I'd be so embarrassed if he were my dad.
  7. I appreciate that he and Pete jumped up to protect her, but he need not have said that. . . he forgot where ha came from already.
    tsk tsk
  8. I wish I could like him a little more, but after his comments about his daughter breast and stuff like this - He just goes in the biggest loser catagory for me!
  9. His comment was ridiculous, but he did what any loving dad would do if their daughter was being shoved. I'd hate to think what my husband would do if someone pushed our daughter.

    And, as far as the slit throat gesture, who knows how that might have been misconstrued. He could have simply but angrily been signaling "It's over...we're through" after that happened.

    I'm not a hater or lover of Joe Simpson, but outside of the silly comment, I think he did the right thing.
  10. Ewww...I don't think he is one to judge when he makes such suggestive comments about his dad would never make comments about me like he has made about his daughters in the past....then again I wouldn't be the family cash cow either...
  11. Why is he in a night club? Get a life! He is a really odd man! His comments and all !
  12. I can't stand any of them ...
  13. I agree. God knows what my dad would do if somebody shoved me. Also his comment was probably made in the midst of the fight... he must've been feeling really agitated and that's the first thing that sprang to his mind.
  14. yuck
  15. It is so sad that a parent has to hang on to the coat tails of his daughters to try to make himself feel important or like a man.................. He thinks he is a big shot but reality is he is nothing but a wantabe.....maybe him and Lindsay's Mom should date.....