Pap 30: Who can fit it on their shoulder?

  1. I tried on the pap 30 in mono a long long time ago and I can't remember if I could get it over my shoulder or not.
    I'm 5'5 and about a US size 8.
    I used to carry an old Dooney Bourke barrel bag (back before I knew about LV LOL) and it fit great on my shoulder.

    I'm think this may solve my dilemma of finding a versatile shoulder bag that can also be handheld and still looks sophisticated and not as casual as a tote.
  2. i can
  3. comfortably? Or is it a tight squeeze?
  4. Yup, I can, and it's comfy too.... kinda reminds me of this Parisian girl with a warm loaf of bread under her arm (read it in a book)!!! :biggrin:
  5. Don't have papi 30 but it's the same size as bedford, it fits on the shoulder comfortably even with jacket on.
  6. I can fit it on my shoulder, but think it looks odd! :shame: It looks like a big rolled up something right under your armpit! ;) Definitely think it should be used more as a hand held (or in the crook of your arm) bag!

  7. yeuxhonnetes can. i thought that everybody can. the papillon 30 is a shoulder bag. the papillon 26 on the other hand, is a hand held bag. hope this helps!
  8. Twiggers...I don't like the look of it on your's too will probably fit you though. Personal peference only...
  9. I can, it is comfortable but I like the look better on the arm.
  10. Thanks everyone! I don't mind carrying it on the crook of my arm...but want the option of a shoulder bag when I need to be hands free.
  11. I can fit both the 30 and 26 on my shoulder, although 26 is a REALLY tight squeeze! I don't think carrying the 30 on your shoulder is awkward... I just swing the bag back a bit so it's resting against my back and not in my armpit, but not back so much that the bag is vertical against my back.
  12. i can fit the papillon 30 on my shoulder. i'm about 5'3" and u.s. size 0-2. i don't think the papillon is awkward as a shoulder bag at all. i carry it both on my shoulder and in the crook of my arm all the time.
  13. I can fit the pap 30 on my shoulder very comfortably.
  14. I never tried a 30, but the 26 does not fit on my shoulder and I am a size 0 or XS.
  15. I can fit the pap 30 on my shoulder (5'4", size 3/4). But I agree with LV Love - I prefer to swing the bag close to my back.