paon blue info, anyone?

  1. Does anyone have a pic or description of paon blue, a new "year of India" color? Sorry if this has been posted, w/o the search I can't tell....

    TIA :flowers::flowers:
  2. Katel - I think reseller Hermes** has one on her website :smile:
  3. Sorry - I went to copy the pic and it's Lagoon not Paon - doh :push:
  4. thanks for the thought, Handybags! I checked on google and it says paon blue is the color of the peacock's "eyes".....I would love to see a pic of this new paon blue.

    lilach, where are you? I bet you know... :smile:
  5. There was a little swatch that I think MrsS put up (a circular piece of leather) but without the search.... :shrugs:
  6. Katel ~ It Sounds Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
  7. The swatch pic is in the Lagon thread. I saw it IRL with the new chevre Mangalore(sp)? It is a pretty blue exactly like the pic posted, but hard to describe. I think MrsS. posted it.
  8. the paon in chevre (pic from Mrssparkles post ) lagon 'lagoon' thread
  9. I amy HAVE to get an accessory in this!:drool:
  10. It is very pretty; looks like a brighter version of Turquoise in Mysore without the blue-green undertone.
  11. You guys are the best! Thanks very much :heart:
  12. That's a pretty color. :smile:
  13. Lovely blue! I can't wait to see it!
  14. It is a lovely blue, I have seen the swatch IRL & it is really a rich blue with green undertone. IMO, it'd make a great pop of color in a smaller bag, kellys maybe HAC32, birkin hardware....
  15. I wonder what the new chevre is like?