Paolo Masi - Italian Designer - Info???

  1. I recently bought a Paolo Masi bag from TJMaxx. I've tried looking the brand up to see what kind of history they have - but the only thing that comes up are eBay sellers. Does anyone have any info on this brand?
  2. I just bought a Paolo Masi from Winners (Canadian version of TJ Max). I just love this bag. The leather is gorgeous, the style is trendy and the price is excellent. What more can you ask for. I was actually going downtown to check out the Balenciaga for 1445.00 instead I came home with a bag for 199.99. Have to pick up a few more Paolo Masi.

    I couldn't find much info of this designer either.
  3. Although the name sounds Italian, I have never heard of a designer called Paolo Masi. But sometimes names are chosen just to give the impression that a certain product has a "foreign" background in the land of fashionable handbags....
  4. I have two beautiful Paolo Masi bags. A squishy brown leather crossbody and just yesterday I bought a pearl gray hobo bag that has this really cool closure (chain and horn through a large grommett). Both at TJ Maxx and both for less than $200
  5. i purchased a mink paolo masi bag from tj max today and very happy with the bag! i own coach bags, louvis vuitton bags, but the paolo masi mink bag is very unique and stylish. i would say better quality than coach bags. the leather is so soft. i am very happy with it. just a little surprise that i couldn't find them for sale at the top department stores online.
  6. I saw a paolo masi handbag at tj's today for 199.00. I didn't purchase it because I wanted to find out more about the brand, since I had never heard of it. I was excited to see so many positive post about users who love theirs.
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    seemly most people love this bag. I just bought one paolo masi handbag at TJ yesterday. In fact, it is very cheap. Unfortunately there is no any info about this brand so far. I am doubt the brand real or not made in Italy, at least it is a little brand bag in some place of Italy?
  8. We just came back from TJ where my friend bought the bag from this designer. I can only compare the leather quality and craftsmanship with the best pieces from Renato Angi. My friend is very happy with the price, design and the color.The bag is simply amazing!
  9. I hate to be repetitive but I had much the same experience. I bought a Paolo Masi at TJMaxx three years ago and it still looks beautiful. It is well made and the leather has a great texture. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another even without any knowledge of the designer. Interesting that only TJMaxx has them though...
  10. I am looking for this handbag - does anyone know where I can buy it?
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  12. I'm new to this forum and am in the process of buying a Paolo Masi handbag. Was curious myself as to who he is and if there is a real designer by this name. I went onto and found out there is actually an Italian designer of fine leather handbags named Paolo Masi. He is out of Milan. Hope this helps answer some questions as it did mine.:biggrin:
  13. Who are all these members with only one or two posts talking about this designer? Seems odd . . .
  14. ^^^^hee great minds think I alike! I was wondering the EXACT SAME THING! seems sort of shady.