PAOLINI shoes??

  1. anyone know where i can find paolini shoes? their pumps are gorgeous but i know theyre a pretty boutiquey brand so i only get lucky if i walk into the right store.
  2. Not sure if you found your shoes yet but I was able to grab a few pair at the MJM designer shoe store. There are a bunch in NJ and you can find their locations on the web. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find them anywhere else. If you were able to find them elsewhere, pls. let me know.:sad:
  3. I found their website online! There's actually 2 different Paolini(s) that come up in a search - one of them is a bag company overseas and the other is the couture shoe company that's based in NYC. Here they are:
    (apparently this is mostly wholesale)

    I love their styles - so beautiful. I wish more chain stores carried them.
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